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files Cunt: A Declaration of Independence, read online Cunt: A Declaration of Independence, free Cunt: A Declaration of Independence, free Cunt: A Declaration of Independence, Cunt: A Declaration of Independence 84f4b5fa2 An Ancient Title Of Respect For Women, The Word Cunt Long Ago Veered Off This Noble Path Inga Muscio Traces The Road From Honor To Expletive, Giving Women The Motivation And Tools To Claim Cunt As A Positive And Powerful Force In Their Lives In This Fully Revised Edition, She Explores, With Candidness And Humor, Such Traditional Feminist Issues As Birth Control, Sexuality, Jealousy Between Women, And Prostitution With A Fresh Attitude For A New Generation Of Women Sending Out A Call For Every Woman To Be The Cunt Lovin Ruler Of Her Sexual Universe, Muscio Stands Convention On Its Head By Embracing All Things Cunt Related This Edition Is Fully Revised With Updated Resources, A New Foreword From Sexual Pioneer Betty Dodson, And A New Afterword By The Author

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    i was reading this book and a middle aged woman, accompanied by her husband, on the subway, asked me timidly what I was reading I smiled and shrugged and flashed her the cover She giggled I saw the title of the chapter, she said I flipped back a few pages to see what the title of the chapter was In big, bold print I saw it Blood and Cunts I giggled The middle aged woman giggled Together, we giggled For the sake of interactions like this, everyone should read this book in public, all the time.

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    Upon finishing Cunt A Declaration of Independence, I ve arrived at a surprising conclusion I ve been a feminist for years and I was quite possibly the last one to know about it.This book to me was just a big pleasant surprise Probably the most interesting result of reading it was coming to the realization that I clearly had a pretty limited picture of what feminism was really about I viewed feminists in general as people who were very aggressive, pretty anti male all around, and who were always running their mouths about something we probably could all do without hearing I attribute this attitude partially to growing up and living in the area that I do I say this because I ve grown up thinking this I ve grown up with people rolling their eyes at any female that dared to mouth off in public, or even in private for that matter I ve had friends deliberately stifle themselves because they didn t want to come off as anything resembling a feminist It s largely viewed as women who have nothing better to do with their lives than whine and complain about something and draw attention to themselves.As I read this book I noticed that yes, the aggressiveness is indeed part of it Yes, being against a male dominated society is a part of it And yes, complaining about something and drawing attention to a situation is part of it as well But in the bigger picture, it s about standing up for yourself It s about having enough love and respect for yourself to stand up for yourself It s a very powerful and very positive thing It s about being active in your beliefs and helping to support others that need support It s about keeping your eyes open, your mind sharp, and being aware of your surroundings, locally and globally It s about finding your voice and speaking up and drawing attention to issues that need to be dealt with rather than swept under the rug.This book deals with women s issues, from the female anatomy, menstruation, orgasms, abortion, rape, power struggles and It sheds some light on issues that I was just totally complacent about and or unaware of until I read the author s take, such as the taboo of menstruation and how we re taught it s some unnatural, unsanitary thing that we re not supposed to discuss openly for fear of making the opposite gender the slightest bit uncomfortable Maybe it wouldn t be such an issue if men were taught about women from the start Such as, say, including both genders in the sex ed classes instead of separating them into boys and girls groups I have no idea how sex education is approached now days, but for me we were split into the two groups under the premise of it s comfortable for the students Maybe it is But the I think about it now, the I think that type of thing does a disservice to both genders It seems to help along the ew, gross attitude guys grow up with when it comes to certain aspects of the female body.The book also has an interesting take on a word that many are either uncomfortable with or totally opposed to For the record, this word has never bothered me as much as a lot of other people After reading about it, it bothers me even less.I personally think everyone should read this book, and yes, that includes the men of the world Be forewarned, there are a couple of chapters that will likely make you uncomfortable, but it d be good for you to learn about what it s like for us I also think it should be mandatory for every woman around to read this book I had trouble reading the abortion section because that s such a touchy subject with me, but I read it anyway and I m glad I did.If you let it, this book will bring a tremendous amount of enlightenment, empowerment, and freedom into your life, and hopefully a new sense of understanding and empathy towards women and what we have to deal with It s certainly opened my eyes and aroused my curiosity on a whole new interest.

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    I wanted to like this I really did.And it started out so great.The blurb talked about how the c word used to be a powerful word for women, so I guess I assumed that the whole book would be analysing the evolution of such a powerful word into one of the worst curse word known And, well, there s only one chapter on that One tiny little 5 page chapter The rest is a misandry filled rant I m sorry, but that really is what it is.Look, Inga and I just have super different views on what feminism means For Inga, it means completely avoiding everything that males have created, even if it beneficial for women Take the Pill for example Inga is firmly against it because males created it and males market the product towards women she goes by this logic for abortions and tampons pads ibuprofen as well She says it isn t empowering for women to take the Pill and poison your uterus, apparently , but it s exactly the opposite that by taking the Pill, you re relinquishing all your power, giving it to The Men.I dunno, this is the kind of radical feminism I can t get behind Sure, women haven t had a chance to rise up and make a name for themselves because of the systematic oppression of women, but that doesn t mean one must avoid everything literally man made in order to fight that But I guess I believe this because I see feminism as raising women s power to be equal to that of men, whereas it seems that Inga wants women to rule the world Honestly I would hate to live in a matriarchy Hate hate hate Because it would make us no better than men and their patriarchy My perfect world is one where women and men live together as equals.It just It pisses me off how much misandry is in this book It is literally just full on misandry.And I feel that this book is problematic If a newbie at feminism picked this book up, looking to learn something about feminism, they would come away with the stereotype of the angry man hating feminist in their mind Feminists, even the tame ones like me, who simply want equality, already have a bad name and image We re seen as angry women who hate men and want women to rule the world, and we re so angry, and we hate men a little bit , and ARGH, MEN ARE SO YUCK That s literally what happens in this book I don t think I would recommend this book to someone new at feminism, someone who doesn t know what it s all about Perhaps this would be geared towards the radical feminists.Also, fun parts that made me rage super hard Inga doesn t believe in medicine or doctors She believes that Doctors don t actually do anything, and the only way to heal anything is to will it If you will it hard enough, anything can happen Apparently that s how she gave herself an abortion by willing it to happen No, it wasn t the herbal supplements that did it, never It was willing it super hard TW RAPE Ditto with getting raped If you re in a situation where you might be raped, just will yourself to beat up the rapist and not be raped, and it should work You don t need self defence classes, they don t really do anything if you don t have the will to not be raped I guess this means that if you got raped, or died of some incurable illness or even curable , then you mustn t have willed hard enough, so you must have wanted to be raped die of illness sigh The sole reason I am negatively disposed towards the use of barrier methods is that the industry that creates them is not run by women With the exception of condoms, because men wear condoms But, ARGHHH She has the same negative view on hormonal birth control Her three suggested forms of birth control are Abstinence but she claims this is unhealthy, so don t do this Masturbation Um as a form of birth control Isn t that the same as abstinence Becoming a lesbian I won t even touch on how offensive it is for her to say this Um, not everyone has the pleasure to be a lesbian Changing sexualities isn t quite as easy as that So yeah, her three forms of birth control are great stuff If you re a heterosexual woman, you re shit outta luck So yeah, you can see why this book just wasn t for me.

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    This book is appallingly bad I bought it for a couple of reasons First, I am about to teach Lady Chatterly s Lover for the first time, and I thought any book that makes the case for widespread use of cunt was an important bit of prep for D.H Lawrence s infamous classic Second, I was under the impression that the book delivered an overview of the etymology of cunt Third and last, I read Betty Dodson s introduction and was led to believe that Cunt A Declaration of Independence was the kind of book I could one day pass on to my daughters, a gift that would show them the existence of a community as comfortable and proud of their menstruation, sexuality and cunts as I hope my daughters will one day be Instead, there was nothing in Cunt that I could use in my class, an unreliable and disappointingly skeletal etymology, and little for my daughters that wasn t written by someone other than Inga Muscio In fact, most of the interesting bits of Inga Muscio s book were from much better writers and thinkers Ursula K LeGuin, Cristien Storm, Nina Hartley, Audre Lorde, etc., etc Muscio s own work was illogical, poorly argued, continuously fallacious, and often full of hate She did offer a couple of inspired ideas such as her call for menarche parties to celebrate a woman s first menstruation and the need to remove shame from masturbation but these moments were too few to mitigate the overall shabbiness of her work And that shabbiness was heightened by Muscio s voice She shifts from pirate to gangbanger to urban artist to pretentious author without any textually supported reason It s obvious that she adopts this potluck style for effect it s a voice used to make her cool and accessible, but she would have done better to spend her energy fully developing her ideas of how to make cuntlove universal and rid us all of cunthate than to waste time offering up piratical dialogue like, We be powerful people when we bleed Arrrrrr Avast matey This book wasn t anywhere near good enough, and it could have been amazing in the hands of someone with the skills to propose an idea, sustain an argument, deliver the proofs, and avoid digressions HellI wanted it to be amazing But Cunt is pop drivel of the worst kind I am going back to Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick to cleanse my feminist tastebuds.As for Cunt A Declaration of IndependenceI want my money back instead, I suppose I will just have to use it as kindling come summertime.

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    I wrote this review exactly 6 years ago and posted it on my then blog Here s part of it I don t even know where to begin bitching about this book, so I ll just summarize it chapter by chapter She advocates that all women should talk to the moon and worship the goddess, as if all feminists are into wishy washy Wicca rituals from what I ve noticed every 4th word on this book is goddess She also recommends only reading books written by women and only talking to women and only watching women made films and only using women invented appliances for at least one year of your life.She is against abortion even though she s had 3 AND contraception She believes that things like the pill and the diaphragm are evil because they were made by men and not by women or the goddess She believes that when you re in tune with your body, with the moon, and with the goddess, you won t get pregnant if you don t want to, and if you do get pregnant you can have a goddess induced abortion, taking herbs made by the goddess, getting massages by your goddess worshipping friends, and thinking really hard about the goddess and your body, so your fetus will miraculously plop out of your body And if you take the pill which messes up with your holy goddess hormones and get vacuum cleaner abortions, you re a powerless woman who is under control of men However, she s ok with condoms, because they were designed by men for men Huh She says that women will never have any power or respect in society until we treat whores with the respect that they deserve, because they are the priestesses of the goddess and they have the most important job in the world That being said, she also thinks that Aileen Wuornos didn t deserve to be in jail.She thinks that women s cunts are the most important part of their bodies Not only their bodies, but their entire lives Women s lives should be cunt centred, all the time, and everything you do should revolve around your cunt because women s power comes from the cunt and the cunt only, and if we don t use them, we are powerless wimps So, a woman who is, say, a mathematician, whose life doesn t revolve around sexuality, isn t really empowered and apparently she wrote a song after getting very inspired by a man who was asked for a quarter by her friend and he responded, you don t need a quarter, you got a goldmine between your legs So, women s lives should revolve around their sexuality And that s because, she says, women s sexuality is superior to men s sexuality and no, I m not misquoting Because the male sex organ is limited in size, men s sexuality is also limited, and incomparable to the powerful, intricate, goddess made vulva vagina clitoris uterus and everything else combo Men s orgasms are consequently inferior to women s orgasms.The above statement is the one and only reason for patriarchy in the world Men are scared of women s sexuality because it s the most powerful goddess like thing in the world, and they re so scared they try to dominate it, underplay it, and teach little girls to hate their cunts.She complains that Valerie Solana s SCUM Manifesto is exactly what Aristotle thought about women centuries ago, but Aristotle is admired in society today, while Solanas died homeless completely disregarding, of course, that Aristotle is from B.C and we happen to admire people from back then who brought ideas to the world that brought good changes to society, even though they believed in things that are proven to be very silly today Valerie Solanas lived in the 20th century AD and brought nothing other than SCUM to the world Needless to say, Inga Muscio admires Valerie Solanas.Once a woman rocker was murdered in Seattle and nobody mentioned she was raped One year later, Inga found out that the woman was indeed raped Therefore, every time a woman is murdered now, she will assume that she was also raped, unless she sees the coroner s report herself Her logic here is precious.She believes it s wrong to make movies about rape that have rape scenes in them, because we don t need to see it She says that we should cause a ruckus if we want to be heard, so if there s a movie with a rape scene in it, you should buy the ticket with 10 female friends, then start screaming when the rape scene starts, storm out of the theatre, scream some , and demand your money back.She thinks that men shouldn t be allowed to participate in feminist demonstrations, and they have to understand that She says that only women can understand the horrors of rape, and if a man acts indignant about a rape, it s only because he s trying to show women what a good non rapist he is.I could go on, but that s than enough In the 2nd edition afterword she acknowledges that transgender and transsexuals deserve respect too, because someone wrote her a letter reminding her that not all women have cunts which was pretty positive, after recent news of a trans guy being refused entry into a rape crisis counselling centre Other than that the book was no than the crap listed above.I ve realized that I m a feminist because I don t like to feel gendered There are a lot of people the world that make me feel that way, like the most important aspect of my being is the fact that I m a woman It seems they just scream at me, gender, gender, GENDER Everything about you is related to your gender And that, to me, is utterly annoying I like to be around people who make me feel like I am a human being I don t need to feel superior or powerful than an entire group of human beings just to affirm my identity Shouldn t this be what feminism is about Equality, not superiority Until we collectively admit that this book is pure garbage, feminists will still be seen as man hating lesbians I don t want that

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    Want to know about vaginas This is your book After reading this book, I would often brag to girl friends of mine that I probably knew about their vaginas than they did I would then proceed to WOW them with my vag tastic knowledge I think though, that in the 4 years since I have read this book, there has been quite an adjustment to the learning curves of women interested in their own crotches Or, maybe I have been hanging out with girls who are and vagina savvy Whenever I was reading this book in public, complete strangers would approach me and ask what the book was about When I told them that it was about exactly what the title said it was, and that it was a work of non fiction, they often had trouble believing me Alas, the majority of subject matter in this book is actually about tha vajayjayThis may sound boring, but the entire book is actually quite intriguing Inga Muscio also has a very unique sense of humor that had me laughing quite often As some of the material in this book is coming closer to common knowledge for informed females of this century, it may be important for males to read this book, although there are definitely tidbits that females will be surprised by Want to be entertained through a unique and thorough view of a extremely common subject, look no further than your lap where this exciting book by Inga Muscio should be

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    Fundamentally, I think this author and I agree on many things, and she has some really good messages about body acceptance, empowerment, and sisterhood However, what kept me from truly enjoying this book and recommending it as a good feminist read is that it is written with such vitriol and in such inflammatory language that it became hard to relate with many times I recall when I read Muscio s near exaltation of Aileen Wuornos as a kind of feminist folk hero, I truly balked While I think the intensity and rage at a patriarchal system resonates with a lot of women including me , the extremism of this book really put me off and distracted me from all of the valid points that Muscio makes I was also put off by Muscio s views on birth control pills and the fact that she asserts her opinions as hard and true facts Reading some of the reviews on this site, I see that this book has lead some people to discover identify their own feminism, and that s great I, however, just could not relate to the undercurrent of extremism and separatism, it did not mesh well with me.

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    I certainly appreciate Inga s passion and her motivation behind this book And I love the title However, I don t agree with a few of her thoughts her view that we should only support businesses owned and operated by women, that we should live in fear and constantly suspect leering men of rape, her flippant view of abortion, and her credo to band together as women, and support each other no matter how much you might not personally like some chick Well foo on that There are plenty of corrupt and horrible women some I ve even worked for , who do not deserve anyone s support I laughed at anyone who told me they would vote for Hillary simply because she s a woman that s the same as some uneducated male voting for some prick simply because he has one When I was young I saw on the evening news, a woman, some jogger in New York Central Park, was accosted, and they interviewed her from her hospital bed The attacker had a knife, she was cut up pretty good, but they were all defensive wounds she fought her attacker off I ll never forget what she said He thought he was going to rape me It was her demeanor and attitude that struck me She was pissed off that anyone would assume they could get the better of her, than the knife wounds and many bandages She ruled That made an impression on my young mind, far, far than seeing all the females in my life putting rocks into their pockets before they go for a bike ride ever could I would have also loved if Inga did some hardcore research into the word cunt with some cited references , and gave us a thorough linguistic history, instead of the general listing of bygone cultures.

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    I just re read Cunt because I was feeling sorry about the lack of conscious feminism in my life lately This book was a great kickstart Muscio s book deals with both the word cunt and the body part it has come to represent She spends a short time explaining some of the word s origins and how it came to be so reviled, then launches into multiple chapters on cunts themselves what they are, how they work, how they have been abused, and what women can do to ensure their respect I would have liked to learn from this book about cunt s etymology and how it came to be considered one of the filthiest words in the English language However, the second section of the book, The Anatomical Jewel, is amazing and inspiring Muscio s style is very personal she uses her own experiences to open doors onto various topics menstruation, rape, abortion , and it s hard not to be drawn in by that narrative style as opposed to a clinical treatment of the subject It also means this book is incredibly subjective, but Muscio is open about that She admits that her ideas won t work for everyone and is careful to warn readers that she is not authorized to give medical advice But one of her main points is that women s bodies have become too reliant on a male medical system Muscio wants women to be educated about their own bodies and options so we can make informed choices instead of blindly funding corporations who claim to know what s best for our bodies She uses her own body to illustrate how that rejection of status quo worked for one woman Her chapters on menstruation and rape were especially inspiring to me I often find myself cursing menstruation, and I know I m not the only one But how earth shaking could it be if women stopped being ashamed and angry at our bodies every time we bled What kind of difference could we make in girls self esteem if we refused to buy into the idea that women s bodies are inherently dirty and suspect And Muscio s chapter on rape is real, heartbreaking, and infuriating She moves from stories about women she knows being raped into railing against Hollywood movies that glamorize rape, and she closes the chapter with her ideas for how women can band together and fight rape and rape culture in America Muscio s voice irritated me at times, because it seemed too tricked out I just wanted her to write without trying to make it sound like she was my best friend or adding font flourishes Sometimes the way she wrote felt gimmicky But I get the sense that that s just how she is she s big and colorful and unapologetic, and that can be abrasive and polarizing Overall, though, this book is inspiring It makes me want to join or form feminist groups, boycott movies and companies, learn about myself, teach other people, and re read great books And it makes me want to write my own womanifesto and start taking control of my life in a conscious way I want you to read this book so you feel inspired or at least shaken up in some way , too.

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    I should have been an easy audience for this book after all, I accepted the blurb s premise almost a year before I picked up a copy I m a cunt I ve got a cunt the etymological root of vagina means sheath for a sword I don t define women by men Sure, I m there I ve been there for years.But by Curie s irradiated notebook am I sick of spirituality and togetherness being woman s domain We can absolutely talk about sea sponges instead of tampons but lets not pretend that our half of the culture isn t just as naturally inclined to the throwaway mentality as the menfolk are Western medicine may have problems ingrained in patriarchy, but it has also doubled the average lifespan, so before we go back to herbs and massages, lets talk about a public option, please That s where my cuntloving feminism resides Muscio brings up Marjorie Post as a CEO who ran her corporation like a man would, saying that as women we should do things differently Frankly, I think women in general being people are just as prone to exploiting others for profit margins as any other demographic group The doublethink required to call women out to become predators instead of victims and then turn around and talk about the groovy, all encompassing goddess hood of who in the where now really turned me off.Also, while I hope it does not affect my rational judgment of the argument presented, it is difficult for me to read a book so artfully phrased Words be powerful, Muscio says early on in the book She clearly chooses the sentence structure because the rhythm trips the reader and makes one focus on the point Except it makes me focus on trying not to write an essay on the importance of verb tense instead of reviewing her book In conclusion, too many apostrophes and ashrams, not enough etymology.

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