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❮BOOKS❯ ✯ Craps: Take the Money and Run ⚡ Author Henry J. Tamburin – Cravenjobs.co.uk

summary Craps: Take the Money and Run, series Craps: Take the Money and Run, book Craps: Take the Money and Run, pdf Craps: Take the Money and Run, Craps: Take the Money and Run 18a77cce0b Craps Take The Money And Run Will Teach You How To Walk Away From The Tables With Profits The Winning Techniques Are Based On Dr Tamburin S Years Of Experience Playing And Winning At Casino Craps His Proven Techniques Have Been Taught To Thousands Of Individuals In His Schools And Seminars And Most Recently In His Craps Rolling To Win Instructional Video Wherever You Play Craps, Nevada, Atlantic City, Mississippi, Riverboats, Or Casinos On Reservations Everything You Needt O Know To Play And Win In Concisely Explained In This Exciting New Book On Craps

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    Craps is the only casino game I play It s a game where you re rooting for or if you re antisocial, against everyone at the table a game that lets you handle the dice, yourself and a game with the best odds for the bettor But for many, the table is a confusing jumble of places and ways to bet, with an entirely different language The Hard Way, Horn, Hi Yo, and Yo Leven, for example I bought this book used on Marketplace ten or so years ago, before a trip to Las Vegas, and I reread it a few days before I hit the tables In clear language, Tambourin explains the culture, language, and etiquette of craps which is really important because people get really pissed if you say ie, the word seven or do ie, dangle your hands over the table the wrong thing Better still, Tambourin goes through each type of bet and explains what has the best or worst odds, and then lays out several systems, or betting strategies, you can use to maximize your chances of taking the money and run This book has paid for itself hundreds fold over the years I love the conservatism of Tambourin s theories set aside a bankroll and if you lose it, stop or if you lose a few rolls and the table feels cold, stop or if you re up for the night, instead of getting greedy, stop I just reread this and then visited the L Auberge Casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana I played for two hours, was comped drinks, made some unexpected money, and best of all, had a great time with a bunch of strangers who I likely never would have talked to under any other circumstances Tambourin gets the credit for all of this.

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    A beginner level book on craps The basic rules of craps are explained adequately, but the chapters on strategy are nothing special.

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