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    Introductory notes Some initial notes for building my impressions of Dune where book references are denoted by D1 D6 for the 6 volumes of the trilogy warning there are some spoilers below, but once again if you have read this far into the Dune series, they are hardly spoilers because you already know all of this, or most of it.Royal HousesAtreidesHarkonnen CorinnoIt is interesting to me that despite the massive scale of Dune, it remains a tale concerning really only three families initially competing for power.Power BasesBene Geserit female Bene Tleilaxu male females reduced to living axlotl tanks for breeding D5 Ix unknown, only contact with male ambassadors Honored Matres female returning Bene Geserit from the Scattering hellbent on destruction There are also only three extra royal organizations and later a fourth that operate within the walls of the first 6 books Of course, each of these yet not always described in a homogeneous amount of detail are incredibly complex societies with interesting dynamics which made for great reading.ReligionsZensunni overall fusion of Islam and Zen Buddhism which is sort of the ambient religion across the Known Universe Sufi closely related to Zensunni very close to Bene Tleilaxu core beliefs Freemen Worship of Leto II the God Emperor the Tyrant for Bene Geserit Guldur for Honored Matres Orange Catholic remnants of Roman Catholic faith Note The Bene Geserit, while originally derived at least partially from Roman Catholic Monastical practices views religion as a tool for manipulating the masses and opportunistically plays religions off each other I liked the mashup of Zen Buddhism and Islam and found that it was a creative way of projecting out human development One should note that other than perhaps futars late in D5 and D6 , no aliens are in the Known Universe so the humans are all descendants of a diaspore from Terra in the distant past The idea being that the Zen Buddhists and those of the Muslim faith blended together whereas apparently the Roman Catholics split into Bene Geserit and then disappeared I found no mention at all of polytheist beliefs such as Hinduism or Dualism beliefs such as Taoism ArmiesSaudukar males from Salusa Secundus in service of Harkonnens and Shaddam IV of the Corrino family Fish Speakers females from Rakis in serivce of Leto II Honored Matres females with mix of various Scattering populations with sexual skills honed to an extreme but also the physical prowess of the Bene Geserit but with extreme violence and no regret or pity Bene Geserit females with extreme martial arts skills and body control Some of the most exciting writing in Dune is of course the battle scenes and it is interesting how the elite forces switch from all male to all female on the advent of Leto II The Honored Matres are pretty badass and very scary and it was awesome how Miles Teg evolved into a godlike fighter before his doom on Dune.PlanetsDune Arrakis Rakis home to the Freemen, planet of the Sandworms, sole natural source of melange in Known Universe Caladan home planet to Atreides clan Giedi Prime Gammu home to Harkonnens Salusa Secundus prison planet previous home to House Corrino Hidden Chapterhouse planet home to Bene Geserit Tleilax home to Tleilaxu Ix home to Ixians Junction s waystations for the Guild Navigators I was frustrated that we never visited Is or Tleilax and learned precious little about any planets besides Dune, Giedi Prime Gammu and Chapterhouse One would think that in a galaxy of billions and trillions that there would be planets, but I suppose that Frank needed to simplify somewhere.Bene Geserit hierarchyMother SuperiorReverend MotherBreeding MothersAcolytes 1st Degree 3rd Degree The BG became a sort of mashup of the military and a female monastic order that was interesting to read about Unfortunately, there are many revelations for which the reader has to wait for D6 to learn about.Famous MentatsThufir Hawat D1 Miles Teg D5, D6 Duncan Idaho s last ghola becomes both Mentat and Zensunni philosopher D6 Like for the BG, we learn only scattered things about mentats until late in the series The idea of replacing thinking machines after the Butlerian Jihad with human computers is fascinating and one of my favorite innovations in the Dune Universe.Immortality StrategiesBene Geserit selective breeding, Others Memories, all powered by m lange addictionTleilaxu axlotl tanks deformed females with selective breedingMajor Historical MomentsBefore DuneButlerian Jihad end of thinking machines, calculations monopolized by Guildsmen, Mentats and Bene GeseritCreation by BG of Miossionaria ProtectaEstablishment of BG Archives Birth of preborn Paul and his sister Ayla the Abomination to Leto and Jessica due to spice addiction Jessica had disobeyed the BG and had a son first rather than a daughter which is a massive rock in the BG genetic pond for which we see the ripples over 5000 years of Known Universe history over the 6 books.DunePaul Atreides passes Bene Geserit box test by Mother Superior first male ever to pass the testMove of Atreides family from Caladan to Dune under Emperor Shaddam IV s direction ostensibly to protect the spice tradeBetraval and Assassination of Leto IFlight of Paul to Fremen and their acceptance of him as their messiah, the Maud dibVictory of Paul Atreides Maud dib over Shaddam IV and Baron Harkonnen at Arakeen using worm fremen army and the Voice and death of first Duncan Idaho, Lady Jessica, Gurney Halleck, etcDune MessiahBirth of preborn twins Leto II and Ghamina to Paul Maud dib and Fremen CholaAssasination atttempts on Leto II and GhaminaDeath disappearance of Paul Maud dibChildren of DuneAbomination possession of Ayla by spirit of Baron HarkonnenAppearance of PreacherDestruction of AylaLeto II assumes a Golden Path to save humanity by fusing with the sand trout and becoming Shai Hallud Shaitan God EmperorGod Emperor of DunePeaceful reign of 3000 years under Leto IICreation of Fish SpeakersAllowance of Aix technologyDeliverance of Duncan Idaho gholas by Tleilaxu to Leto IILeto II killed during festivalHeretics of Dune2000 years of ScatteringWriting and distribution of Zaire ideas Manifesto ghost written by HR Odrade daughter of Teg and future Mothre Superior Tleilaxu murder each of the delivered Duncan Idahos until last oneAppearance of Sheeana with power over worms on Rakis near SietchWaking up of Duncan Idaho by Teg and failure of Lucille to bind him to Bene GeseritBreeding of Duncan Idaho ghola and Honored Matre MurbellaConquering of Gammu by HRDestruction of Dune by HR and death of TegChapterhouse DuneHunting of Bene Geserit by Honored MatresTransfer from Lucille to RebeccaSecret IsraelAgony of MurbellaBattle of JunctionEscape of ghola Duncan Idaho and SheeanaAnd now for my review of Chapterhouse DuneWow, that was quite a tumultuous and somewhat anti climactic end to the Dune saga I will write a long post here with plenty of quotes summing up all my Dune impressions for those who wish to read them When she thought of the largely passive non Bene Desert populace out there , Odrade sometime envied them They were permitted their illusions What a comfort You could pretend your life was forever, that tomorrow would be better, that the gods in heaven watched you with care p 49 Odrade is the daughter of Bandar Mentat and overall badass mofo Miles Teg who becomes Mother Superior of the Bene Geserit following the events at the end of Heretics of Dune She has a deadly standoff with the Honored Matres which dominates Chapterhouse the hidden BG headquarters planet She is a great character full of depth and insight such as the quote above The Bene Geserit thanks to melange and some genetic engineering created a form of immortality which is threatened with extinction by the Matres flooding into the Old Empire from The Scattering see God Emperor and Heretics and Odrade s strategy is a fascinating one to see being put together and then executed The presence of Others Within who subtracted none of her attention from what went on around her had filled her with awe We call it Simuflow Speaker had said Simuflow multiplies your awareness. p 60 Chapterhouse opened a whole new line of inquiry into the fate of Israel with the characters of the Rabbi and Rebecca the few last remnants of the diaspora now on a galactic scale Rebecca is pulled into the Bene Geserit in order to save the Others Within that were massacred on Lampadas by the Honored Matres While this is an interesting interlude, it is a little frustrating that Herbert throws this in in only the last book of the series and dies before developing this idea any further The primary interest of this interlude was in fact a bit information on how the Bene Geserit functioned with the Others Within which was helpful in better understanding them God formed me to deceive the powindah His slight, childlike appearance was formed in a grey skin whose metallic pigments blocked scanning probes His diminutive shape distracted those who saw him and hid the powers he had accumulated in serial ghola incarnations p 84 The last Tleilaxu, Scytale, was an interesting character Tleilaxu having been destroyed by the Honored Matres, Scytale is a prisoner on the no ship on Chapterhouse Perhaps Herbert sensed the end coming because the potential he built into this character especially the whispering which was supposed to serve as a trigger for the ghola of Duncan Idaho was never exploited in this book That being said, he is fairly one dimensional and serves as almost an albeit morbid comic relief Honored Matre assumptions about control fascinated Lucilla You controlled your universe you did not balance with it You did not train yourself to sense your own subtle responses, you produced muscles forces, powers to overcome everything you defined as an obstacle Were these women blind p 100 Lucilla was one of the most enigmatic and powerful characters in the later Dune trilogy I found Here she is prisoner to the HM and studying them hoping to get a message to Odrade in time for the BG to prepare a defense It was interesting to compare the BG before Paul Leto II The Scattering all powerful, mystical, and mega fighters who subjugated emotion completely and sex as a precise weapon and the BG who viewed sex only as reproductive function The key issue in Dune is the disruptive impact of LOVE which ignites the first crisis in D1 when Lady Jessica falls in love with Leto I and rather than giving birth to a girl as her Bene Geserit masters would expect her to do, gives birth to Paul who then exhibits characteristics of the Kwisatz Haderach and becomes Maud dib to the Freemen when he survives the BG test and achieves prescience Paul s love for Chani of the Fremen dooms his political mariage to Princess Irulan and it is Chani that bears his two children, the preborn twins Ghamina and Leto II, soon to be God Emperor and to set humanity on the Golden Path The next crisis occurs because Leto II loves humanity and wants them to survive The last crisis is when Duncan Idaho and Murbella fall in love and do not fulfill once again BG plans Unfortunately, we never really get to the end to know whether love conquers all or just fucks everything up.Fantastic and legendary read Please comment

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    Chapterhouse Dune was the last Dune novel that Frank Herbert completed and published before his death in 1986 Though he had written notes and the series would continue with his son Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson, most Dune fans regard the six Frank Herbert publications as the Original Series After many books written since his death, pundits have stated that the only notes left is a post it note that says, write books In this installment the direction taken in Heretics of Dune, the fifth book in the series, published in 1984, continues with the Bene Gesserit front and center Heretics had followed a thousand five hundred year hiatus following the events in the fourth novel, God Emperor of Dune published in 1981 and had taken a new direction, resurrecting much of the intensity and charisma of the original The reign of the God Emperor, Leto II, son of Paul Muab Dib Atreides, has ended and the story has been taken up with political and economic intrigue between the Bene Gesserit and the Bene Tleilax and a new power, the Honored Matres Chapterhouse involves action between the Bene Gesserit and the rising power of the Honored Matres.As literature, Chapterhouse Dune is inconsistent and unbalanced There are sections that collapse into a syrupy space opera melodrama and other parts that demonstrate some of Herbert s best writing Power attracts those who are corruptible muses Herbert and his Dune work represents an accomplished skill that highlights his remarkable powers of observation, detail and complex characterization It is these talents that keep a reader engaged when the plot wears thin Though it drags intolerably in places, Chapterhouse ends very well and makes me almost want to explore the continuations and explorations of the world building following Frank Herbert s untimely death.If I had to rate the original six, making a mini listopia, I would do so as follows 1 Duneand a very distant2 Heretics of Dune3 Children of Dune4 Dune Messiah5 Chapterhouse Dune6 God Emperor of DuneIf I was asked for a recommendation, I cannot endorse the original 1965 publication higher, it is in a rare atmosphere, populated by such classics as Fahrenheit 451, Childhood s End and 1984 If you REALLY loved Dune, by all means read the series, but alas, gentle reader, as great a writer as Frank Herbert was, and he was, he never comes close to Dune again.

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    As with much of Frank Herbert s other writing, Dune excluded, this one is a novel notable and worthy on the realm of ideas He never stints on ideas He might get slighly sloggish and lose the thread of the plot while we plod around in the ideas, but there s always great scenes and always great blow out reveals The original classic of Dune has none of these faults It is a classic and imminently readable from page one and is still my favorite book of all time.So what about this one Is it worth reading for everyone else It s book 6 in the very impressive and automatically Epic series that encapsulates over five thousand years from the events of Dune, ending with the centric viewpoint of the Bene Gesserit after the tyranny of Paul s son and the great diaspora that scattered all the peoples of the galaxy after his death The planet Dune is effectively destroyed at the end of Heretics of Dune and only a single sandworm and some sandtrout was lifted from the planet to be the seed of a new place where the Spice can be produced This is especially important after the Bene Tleilaxu were also destroyed or partially submerged under the auspices of the Gesserit after the Honored Matres rampaged through the known universe This book takes up the new clones of Teg and Duncan, but mostly revolves around the conflicts between the Bene Gesserit and the Honored Matres Each side has taken prisoners and tries to subvert the captives The Bene Gesserit are than slightly successful at the task than the knock off Bene Gesserit Honored Matres, despite the others being wildly dominant and deadly in combat.What we have is a novel that reminds me a great deal of the later Wheel of Time books with Egwaine in the White Tower, only, I have to point out that Chapterhouse Dune came out first We know that Jordan was a big fan of Dune and stole a tone of great ideas from Herbert, so this shouldn t be too surprising, but rather than a 5 6 enormous spread of books, Herbert accomplishes a success from below story in a single novel The teaching and the subversion is the real main story in Chapterhouse Don t let the cool space battles and space opera fool you This is a story of fantastic women doing fantastic things, the undisputed masters of the galaxy, and a massive conflict between the returning diaspora offshoot of the Bene Gesserit and the main line that stayed behind.On that level, it s still a great tale despite my other issues with it.Anything this complex and full of great observations about human nature, politics, and even love should not be discounted lightly It s super dense with fantastic ideas on every page and even though it will never be considered a standalone classic, it s a very, very worthy novel to read Especially in conjunction with Heretics of Dune And, I assume, Hunters of Dune and Sandworms of Dune carry on the tradition well since I m going to plow through them and continue the storyline set up here The cliffhanger at the end of Chapterhouse was a doozy Let s see if Herbert s son and Anderson make the ideas into something traditional, eh I can hope They ve had a lot of practice in the universe before attempting the big one Herbert s death put a stop to the story and most of us fans were extremely upset Hell, I remember reading this book the first time in 89 and wishing I could have written the sequel to it I can t be alone in this I can only hope that expectations live up, etc., etc.

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    Unlike the previous books this one continues the plot line of the previous ones books 1 4 had definite endings, but book 5 did not So the Bene Gesserit pulled back to regroup and get ready for a counterattack The regrouping only took them 10 years to do so while the new menace appearing out of nowhere continued to capture or destroy their home bases Can we say after 5000 years of preparations the Bene Gesserit were not exactly ready Sure we can It is also completely unclear whether the new threat was a part of a fabled Golden Path Leto II never bothered to explain it or whether Frank Herbert has pulled it out of his ass to keep the series going I finally finished the series and the only emotion I feel is a great relief, otherwise I am completely drained by my efforts not to DNF this one Sufficient to say, I am not impressed The biggest problem for me was the complete lack of any even remotely interesting characters I became convinced Frank Herbert is unable to create a good character even if his life depended on it The only decent one was Paul in the first book That particular book became a classic of science fiction Coincidence I do not think so.We have a conflict between two sides One side is a typical power hungry generic villain readers saw countless number of times practically everywhere and the other side consists of literally heartless cold bloodied automations who weeded all the emotions out of themselves during their than 5000 year history Those girls think nothing about sacrificing complete planets with their inhabitants when it suit them, by the way Is it any wonder I could not care less about anybody I already mentioned the atrocities committed by supposedly good guys I had to give it to the series though it makes a wonderful job of desensitizing the readers Sufficient to say I was not shocked by a child rape obviously committed in the name of a Greater Good after what I have seen before in the series To Herbert s credit after the previous book he realized nobody would care about completely emotionless characters, so some of them began rediscovering said emotions, but for me it was too little too late The vast majority of the novel is spent on philosophical ideas about government, bureaucracy, and other related high topics Too bad nobody remembered the little people who did the thankless job of providing comfortable living to the philosophers After all of the philosophizing I finally came to promised action on the last 70 pages To my complete disappointment it all happened behind the scenes which is not surprising because the rest of the book simply did not leave enough space for anything else Please note that I am not criticizing the fact that the tale stopped practically in the middle of a sentence as Frank Herbert died before he wrote the continuation The book and thus the series end in an unresolved cliffhanger There is a big lesson here if a writer ends a book with one, he she better have the next one with some resolution ready You might get hit by a bus sorry, but this is life , or just hit a writer block and you end up with an army of pissed off fans Speaking about cliffhangers this book is guilty of me changing the definition of the word A cliffhanger is when something ends in the middle of an action and you care about what happens next I already mentioned I could not care less about every single character in the book, so for me it was not a cliffhanger, just unresolved plot lines Now would be a good time to speak about the whole series I have to give a credit where it is due it makes a wonderful job in sense that you can stop after any book except book 5 and have a complete tale Do you want to read about Paul s struggle against the Emperor and Baron Harkonnen Read the first book Do you want to have a conclusion of Paul s tale Read first two books Do you want to have a conclusion of Atreides direct influence on Dune Read first three books Do you want to see the conclusion of Dune tale Read first four books By the way in case you have not figure this out this book has practically nothing in common with Dune books except for some names none of the action even takes place on that planet All I want to say here is that you will not have the right idea about Frank Herbert s idea about Dune if you stop after the first book like countless people did The first trilogy might serve though I finished the series and now like countless hipsters of sixtieth they were not called that then can annoy people around me by constantly saying, The spice must flow I earned this privilege by my hard work Speaking about which I now know that if you say this you miss the point of the series completely as it is not about the spice It sounds cool though first million times it was used after this it overstayed its welcome, just like the series after book 4.

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    Buddy read with Athena Seek freedom and become captive of your desires Seek discipline and find your liberty The Honoured Matres have returned with their full strength from the Scattering, and their fleets are assaulting all the worlds that once made up the old Empire at the core of the universe The nobility and the Ixians have fallen, and the one force resisting the relentless invasion is the now legendary sisterhood of the Bene Gesserit Heretics of Dune ended with one of the most dramatic and unexpected plot twists in science fiction, and this sequel takes up where the last book left off Unfortunately, the first eighty percent of this book were a total chore to get through Little or nothing happened, the setting and the characters were unremarkable and dull, and not even the writing was particularly good After having read those eighty percent, I was or less ready to give this book a one star rating.Even so, I m raising the whole book to three stars based solely on the short part in the end Frank Herbert has once again demonstrated his ability to write a boring book where nothing happens and then turn everything on its head in the end In an impressively fascinating way, I might add I was almost tempted to give up on the series on occasion while reading this, but after reading the ending there s absolutely no way I could do that.

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    I am a reader who sometimes enjoys books that make me work hard This book this series is one of those I loved it, but I fully understand that not everyone will.In addition to being one of the greatest science fiction sagas ever, the Dune Chronicles were a massive sociological thought experiment on Herberts part, and I for one am thankful he had the time to share his thoughts with us These books especially the later ones are the kind you have to put down from time to time to just think about and then re read the last few pages You will have to refer to the appendix for definitions and clarifications If you manage to finish all six books, you will find that parts of them come back to you unbidden years later, and you will pleasantly sit and wonder at the meaning of some passage and the vastness of Herberts imagination It s hard work, but as with most strenuous climbs up high mountains, the view from the top makes it all worth it.

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    Book 3 starsAudio CD 3 starsIn Dune, Frank Herbert achieved a near perfect balance of story, character and exposition In fact, the story and characters expressed the themes of the book, and Herbert avoided long, philosophical discursions Dune is a self contained novel needing no prequels or sequels However, Herbert had to say and produced five further novels set in the Atreides Imperium that were interesting to the compulsively completist amongst us and I number myself one in this case but came no where near the power and passion of the original IMO, the series hit its nadir with God Emperor The two subsequent novels Heretics of Dune and the one under discussion recaptured a bit of that original power though they, too, suffered from far too much plodding, philosophical distractions.For the most part, I like what Herbert has to say about politics, emotions, the role of history and other themes but they destroy the books pacing, threatening to turn them into Platonic dialogs rather than novels.The plot It s several thousand years after the Tyrant s death The Old Empire fell, and humanity was Scattered, breaking the iron bonds of Leto s prescience and presumably ensuring Man s survival Now, elements of the Scattering are returning In particular, a group known as Honored Matres women who exhibit inhumanly fast deadly combat skills and enslave males through sexual domination Herbert never reveals their exact origins but they display Fish Speaker and Bene Gesserit origins, with perhaps a dash of Tleilaxu Whatever the case, they rampage through the Old Empire, destroying any opposition with insane orgies of violence that leave entire planets including Dune sterilized And the Bene Gesserit are the particular targets of their wrath.The best aspect of these latter works is that we deal with an almost entirely new cast of characters, with the exception of the ubiquitous Duncan ghola Duncan Idaho was never a favorite character from earlier novels but I ve grown resigned to his presence in every book Far interesting were the new characters, in particular two There s Miles Teg, a military genius and the BG s military leader He represents a further advance in the Atreides gene line, having the ability to see no ships and is able to function at superhuman speeds for brief periods of time faster even than Honored Matres Then there s Darwi Odrade another Atreides descendant , who eventually becomes Mother Superior and the architect of the plan that saves the BG from destruction at the hands of the Honored Matres.I enjoyed the novel well enough in both is print and audio forms but I would recommend it only to those I mentioned above who need to know how things turn out.I ll take this opportunity to close with a few comments on the abominations that Herbert s son, Brian, and his collaborator, Kevin Anderson, have produced I tried reading Dune House Atreides but the writing was so atrocious, I gave up in disgust From what I gather, I am not alone in my reaction For my money, the best post Dune, non Frank Herbert resource, if uncanonical, is Willis McNelly s The Dune Encyclopedia It s only failing is that it was published before Heretics or Chapterhouse so there are only a few, tantalizing entries discussing the post Leto universe, and we re forced to rely on the amateurish scribblings of Herbert fils and Anderson to complete the saga.

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    3.0 to 3.5 stars After loving the first five books in the series, I was a little disappointed in this last installment of the Dune Chronicles by Frank Herbert While I have always been a big fan of Herbert s heavy use of dialogue and philosophical argument to advance the themes of the story, I thought that its use in this volume was not as crisp and felt a bit too plodding That said, I did like it and it is certainly not a bad book, but it does suffer in comparison to the previous installments Now I have to decide if I am going to sample any of the subsequent novels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson.

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    This 6th and final book in the Dune saga that Frank Herbert wrote before his death in 1986 stands as one of the best in the entire series Many have complained that it doesn t go anywhere for the first 150 pages or so, but I think it does There are all of these seemingly unrelated plot threads that slowly but surely converge such that by the time you re halfway through the book, it all makes sense The last half of this book is a mixture of intrigue and action that left me breathless and unable to put the book down until I was finished The story here continues from the end of Heretics of Dune, with the Bene Gesserit hidden on their base planet of Chapterhouse, hiding and regrouping from the rampaging Honored Matres who hunt and slaughter them across the galaxy However, the Bene Gesserit soon deduce that the Honored Matres themselves are being hunted, driven back into the Known Galaxy from the outer depths of The Scatteringand who these mysterious hunters are is not known A desperate plan is conceived and ultimately carried out, but nothing goes as it was 100% planned and the resulting outcome leaves the two orders in shambles, merged together by force, with factions resisting, including some of the major players, who make their escape into the unknown Throughout all of this are glimpses of two mysterious and all powerful watchers who try to gather the most powerful of the renegades in their netwhat ends up happening Read it to find out Chapterhouse Dune is famous for it s ending, which has been alternately called cliffhanger and open There has been raging debate over the intervening 25 years whether or not Frank Herbert intended to complete the saga with a 7th book, or leave it open ended and finished with Chapterhouse Dune This is bolstered by two argumentsthe short tribute to his wife that follows the final chapter she died a year before this was published and the fact that the mysterious watchers take the form of an elderly couple patterned after Frank and his wife Beverly Further muddying the waters are the two horrendous sequels Herbert s son and his hack writing partner Kevin Anderson published, supposedly based on an outline for Dune 7, the supposed sequel and wrap up to the saga, written by Frank Herbert and found in a safe deposit box after he died in 1986 I won t get into any spoilers here, but suffice to say that the fact that the VAST MAJORITY of the sequels tie in characters created and introduced in Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson s prequels, written YEARS after Frank died, and it s clear that, even though the outline may very well exist, they did not follow it one bit This becomes clearer after reading the sequels, and don t worry, I ll savage those books and reveal the lies from those two after I read them again and review them on here Thus, we are left with an open cliffhanger ending that is at the same time satisfying and frustrating This is a testament to Herbert s imagination and talent, howeverthe final chapter of Chapterhouse Dune is chilling and amusing and leads your imagination into a million what ifs about what happened next If only Frank could have lived longer and finished the saga if he ever indeed intended to , but we still have his 6 Dune books and all of the imagination spurring it provides, and isn t that really what we want out of the best fiction in literature

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    This is probably the best book so far in my opinion Excellent storyline and well written, and gripping to the end

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summary pdf Chapterhouse: Dune, summary chapter 2 Chapterhouse: Dune, sparknotes Chapterhouse: Dune, Chapterhouse: Dune bffd8a3 Fifteen Thousand Years After Leto II S Death The Remnants Of The Bene Gesserit Contend With The Ruthless Leaders Of An Alien Culture To Forge A New Civilization And Preserve The Best Of The Old Empire The Desert Planet Arrakis, Called Dune, Has Been Destroyed The Remnants Of The Old Empire Have Been Consumed By The Violent Matriarchal Cult Known As The Honored Matres Only One Faction Remains A Viable Threat To Their Total Conquest The Bene Gesserit, Heirs To Dune S PowerUnder The Leadership Of Mother Superior Darwi Odrade, The Bene Gesserit Have Colonized A Green World On The Planet Chapterhouse, And Are Turning It Into A Desert, Mile By Scorched Mile And Once They Ve Mastered Breeding Sandworms, The Sisterhood Will Control The Production Of The Greatest Commodity In The Known Galaxy The Spice Melange But Their True Weapon Remains A Man Who Has Lived Countless Lifetimes A Man Who Served Under The God Emperor Paul Muad Dib

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