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    y l b y kada da ya am bir yazardan ada hik yeleri e cinsel erkekler, ya amlar , a klar ve aids ten len arkada lar zerinememlekette yaz lamayacak denli samimi, yer yer otobiyografik, oryantalist tatlarla bezeli, bizi bazen bizden iyi bilen bir yazar edmund white.e cinsel edebiyat n en nemli yazarlar ndan birinden zel olarak derlenmi , yine i ten bir bi imde yaz lm ns zle t rk okurlara sunulmu.roza hakmen in m kemmel evirisiyle.kitap zerine notos ta yazd m yaz

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    I didn t write the review of Chaos for a long time as I tried to decide what I really think about this book I still am not so sure This is a collection of short stories with old age and fading as the strongest themes There were parts that I enjoyed and ones that left me not disturbed but disheartened, I would say Is White s world, or the world of the old so love deprived Was that just my sentimental mood while reading or was there really only place for lust, passion, brief infatuations that only intensified the feeling of emptiness when they faded Or maybe it was the lasting impression from the first story, that I liked the least Every one that followed was better, although the title novella might be perceived as interesting with its portrayal of deeply flawed characters, that for me felt almost inhumane at times and the ending which I read as proving the narrator s unreliability in a way confirmed that in my opinion The best story was in my opinion Record Time , showing the narrator s passion for music Reading it was a pure pleasure I also liked friendships, mostly with women, depicted in the stories and the women s characters were the ones I found most interesting and vivid When it comes to style, I believe it to be really enjoyable, honest and natural Apart from some of the sex scenes It s not that I perceived them as shocking, no, I read too much fanfiction, nothing can shock me probably But I m used to different way of showing sex, both one filled with love as well as nasty one Here they didn t sit well with me Generally, I would say these stories might be great for some readers but I didn t feel them I remember of the surroundings of when I was reading this book than the stories themselves But they made me want to go back to Turkey my second favourite story so there is also that.

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    Not his best, but not his best is still better than most.

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    Before I start the review, I want to mention that whoever reads this collection of Edmund White stories, would also enjoy Skinned Alive as it is another collection that explores homosexual relationships The difference between the two is that Chaos focuses on the older gay generation.I ve read quite a few of Edmund White s books and so far the main characters have been described as young, virile and attractive Coming of age or coming to terms with issues such as AIDS, HIV etc But what I really enjoyed about these stories is that the perspective shifts between characters who are older In their sixties on than one occasion and this was new to me as I am not used to characters in general and especially in gay novels to be old It was different and eye opening to see life and aspects of life through ageing characters Each story is completely unique, but linked with the same themes that make up the collection All of them have their own distinct voice and I never felt distanced from them There were even a few twists in some of the stories which caused me to see the story I had just finished reading, in a whole new light The last story, The Creative Writing Murders was intriguing from the very start of it, and although it is short, it is brilliant and leaves a lasting impression on the collection as a whole, down to itsI don t even know how to put it, but it stands out and although it still includes the main themes, I see it as set aside from the other stories, but for very good reason It finished the book of perfectly for me Each story contains its own gems and I already want to read certain points and phrases again.

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    This was one of those books that I neither liked nor disliked I just couldn t get into it It was good for a couple of quotes, that s all My mind is like one of those big baskets rural grandmothers used to keep full of scraps of cloth and ribbon to amuse little girls before the era of commercial toys I can just dip in at any moment and find odd associations, memories, imaginary dialogues, sexy scenes, translation problems, moments that make me wince and even a few that make me smile with a sense of quiet triumph She withdrew into her pale blue chamber which at night, all six wall sconces alight, glowed like the inside of a pine branch on fire What s wrong with you If you re going to dwell on the past it should at least be a viable memory Fiction was constructed haltingly out of memories, actual or at least convincingly real, hybridized out of scattered recollections.

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    Very autobiographical, to the point of reader discomfort, which I enjoyed, the edginess of it One of the stories bored me a bit It wasn t as dark as the other ones Also, I didn t identify with the main character much, or maybe it made me uncomfortable like aging makes us uncomfortable, the reality of, These are the last few decades of my life, and there s not much I can do to change my life s course Whereas in another story, it s the same problem, only it has a horrific feel to it Again, I liked the edginess.

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    I m sure it s been said before, White writes about one character himself By now, he must be as confuddled as the reader to try and distinguish between what is real and what is literature, fact and fiction of a self I can t help being fascinated with this essentially self centred voice who has such a gift for observation of the world and people around him whether it be NY, Paris, Istanbul or Naxos As he ages, White is now dealing with the fears, obsessions, foibles and troubles of an older man who hasn t lost his eye or appetite for a handsome hunk Well written and sexy, warts and all.

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    I liked two stories Give it Up for Billy , and A Good Sport , and fragments of the other two Chaos and Record Time If you have read his other books, you will think that White probably uses a lot of his life in his fiction, sometimes for effective and funny somewhat cynical results.

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    You re repeating yourself again, Edmund

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    Edmund White birden fazla yk , roman, biyografi, deneme, an alanda eser veren bir yazar Ayr ca e cinsel yazarlarla birlikte kurdu u Violet Quill edebiyat grubu ile e cinsel edebiyat n nemli isimlerinden birisi Ada yk leri de bizzat yazar taraf ndan derlenmi , i erisinde 4 uzun yk den olu an bir se ki yk lerinde yer yer rt k, yer yer de fazlas yla c retkar bir e cinsellik yer al yor ancak duygusal tonlar da olduk a y ksek ve etkileyici zellikle Kahin yk s kitap i erisinde parl yor.

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