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files Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures , read online Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures , free Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures , free Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures , Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures 6356bfaff The Most Up To Date Edition Is Here Rd Edition Of The Cult Classic CAVERNS, CAULDRONS, AND CONCEALED CREATURES, Is The First Book Of Its Kind To Examine The Striking Similarities Between Folklore, Religious, Mythic, New Age, Fictional, And First Hand Eyewitness And Historical Accounts Of Anomalous Beings, Entities, Cryptids, Hidden Civilizations, And Related AnomaliesDrawing From Scientific Facts, Folklore, Comparative Mythology And Eyewitness Anecdotal Sources, It Is Demonstrable That The Structure Of Our Planet, The History Of Our Species, The Underlying Truths Disguised As Our Myths, Legends, Folklore And Pop Culture Imagery, Are Not Quite What We Have Been Led To Believe The Earth Itself Is Much Complex In Structure Than We Have Realized, And Our Species Has Perhaps Experienced, Through The Ages, Encounters And Conflicts With Others Non Human Intelligences Or Beings Of Various Types Who Have Seldom Been Our Friends Memories And Accounts Of These Encounters Have Come Down To Us In The Form Of Folklore And Mythology, Often Viewed With Superstitious Terror Or Awe Through The Conditioned Lenses Of Religions, Religious Interpretation Or Folk Traditions Such Encounters Are Continuing TodayThe Theories Put Forth In This Book Are Based On Two Types Of Evidence Very Strong Circumstantial Evidence Based On Folklore, Mythology, Religion, Legends, Archeology, Geology, And Related Areas, And First Hand Or Witness Accounts, Both Ancient And Modern Often These Two Areas Of Source Material Or Even Anecdotal Evidence OverlapIt Is Possible That These Various Phenomena And Beings Are In Fact Modern Representations Of Those Who Have Traditionally Been Considered Fairies, Gnomes, Trolls, Nagas, Djinn, Aliens And Their Magic Is A Technology Of Such Antiquity, Advancement And Complexity That It Is, To Our Limited Understanding, Magical With UFOlogy, Cryptozoology, Fortean Phenomena, And All The Rest, We Are In Fact Seeing, Perhaps Even Participating In, An Ongoing Contemporary Update Of Folklore, Which Is In Actuality The Way Our Human Minds Attempt To Gather, Categorize, Assimilate, Comprehend And Decipher As Well As Cover Up With Terror Masking Simplifications The Very REAL Evidence For The Existence Of Such Beings And Their Ongoing Yet Seemingly Inexplicable ActivitiesFrom Ancient Myths To Modern Experiences From Credible Witnesses, It Is ALL Folklore, And Ancient Folk Traditions May Contain Much Truth Than Has Previously Been Believed, Just As Forteana And Related Topics Do Today Once We Make The Leap Of Understanding That The Creation Of Folklore Is Part Of The Process Of Comprehending These Mysteries, And Even May Be Caused By Them, The Whole Picture Of Our Culture, Literature, Fairytales, Jungian Archetypes, And So On Takes On An Entirely Different Light The Creation Of Folklore, Based On Very Real Others And Their Parasitical Or Otherwise Peripheral Activities, Has Become An Instinctive, Mind Protecting Function For The Collective Human MindThis Book Has Been Previously Published In A First Edition, An Expanded Second Edition, And Now Is Offered EXCLUSIVELY In A Greatly Expanded, Magnum Opus Rd Edition Presentation With Introductions By Brad Steiger, Micha Hanks, Brian J Allen, And Dean De Lucia Not Only Is This Visually And Textually Stunning Digital Version Expansive And Complete It Is Considerably Less Costly Than Its Printed Predecessors New Chapters, Artwork, Photographs, Maps, And Introductions Are Joined By Substantial Data And Observations Added To Each Section Of The Book, As Well As A Greatly Expanded Appendix Featuring The Possibly Non Human Generated Imagery Discovered By Richard S Shaver, Recorded In Solid Rock, And Evidence Of An Ancient Civilization That Once Existed On Our Planet

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    This is one of those books that I am EXTREMELY torn about how to rate On one hand, the author presents some very interesting hypotheses that I had never really considered before and I absolutely love when someone can make me look at things in a whole new light His arguments are very well thought out at least initially and seem to be exhaustively researched On the other hand, there are some controversial and arguably offensive sections I ll touch on these just briefly, as I think one would need to read these sections to determine for oneself how offensive they might be In one section, the author speculates on the possibility of humanity being interbred with some alien life form although alien wouldn t be accurate in his view, because he theorizes that these creatures possibly pre date humanity, so alien simply as compared with modern humans then continues his speculation to include genetic diseases, questioning if these could be construed as proof of this detrimental hybridization Don t get mad at me I didn t write the book There is another brief chapter discussing the origins of a certain religion which religion is left for the reader to speculate and or research on his own Granted, to a non believer of any religion, regardless of which one you choose , the origins of particular belief systems can seem a bit peculiar I was personally unfamiliar with the story he was referring to after researching, I believe he is referencing Islam The tone of this chapter comes across as very negative, and I was disturbed by it I think I would have felt the author was being a bit intellectually honest had he applied his same analysis across the board which I can guarantee would have offended most readers At least then it would have seemed to be less of an attack against one particular faith The final few chapters become and religious in tone fundamentalist Christian , to an unpleasant degree If there was any mention in the book description of this viewpoint, I would have probably not picked this one up The author is certainly entitled to his beliefs, just as I am entitled to my own I m simply not that interested in reading about them As for technical considerations although beginning strong, there are typos throughout the second half of the book My copy says Third Expanded And Revised Edition on the cover, leading me to wonder if those are the sections that perhaps were not proofread thoroughly Another problem with the book is that, although there is a wealth of information, the author does tend to repeat himself quite a lot I m not sure the repetition adds anything to the discussion several chapters read as though they were written without thought to what had already been presented Again, it s possible these portions were part of the new and or revised material in this edition I would have loved to give this one a much higher rating, and based on the sheer audacity of the ideas presented I would have rated it higher But, ultimately, the flaws for me were too great to ignore so I m settling on just ok I will probably look at some of the author s other works to see if the views he explores at the end of this book are present in all of his books I m very curious to see if this is perhaps common knowledge that I somehow overlooked.

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    Paranoid misinterpretations of ancient mysteries and Underworld mythology The author s lack of understanding shows at each turn and his conjectures are not only ludicrous, but also often offensive I would go off on a suitable rant, but quite frankly I have other books to read.

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    This is an extremely interesting book with an interesting and scarey hypothesis that makes sense to me than the usual guesses and explanations The answer might just be beneath our feet instead of amongst the stars.

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    Simply amazing Mr Mott delves deep into some of our most enduring cultural mysteries His lucid prose is the main ingredient backed up by thoughtful research that makes this book a must have for any student of Forteana Get it.

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    Starts out with an interesting thesis and expounds upon it with a definite show of research Then at about the three quarter mark goes right to crazy town.

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    As a fan of mythology, conspiracy theories, historical texts, and fantasy writing of all types I really enjoyed this book The book is an interesting albeit highly speculative exploration of different cultures views and understanding of creatures they believe to be living around them as the title suggests, in caverns, caves, and generally underground Depending on what other books you enjoy you might really like this those who like ufo literature, paranormal stuff, and secret societies or find it ridiculous and even historically irresponsible those who enjoy hard boiled books on traditional anthropology, scientific method, and the like I must say however that for what it is it is a generally coherent and fascinating read.that is until the end Towards the end of the book the author takes some major leaps of faith in trying to string together all the information into an overarching and very detailed VERY paranoid plot that is being carried out by the evil that lives underneath us I felt that it was unnecessary to do this in that the information provided was enough for the reader to reach their own conclusions In summation I will say if you like weird books that are well written and string together ancient mythology into wild stories this book is for you If you don t like speculative non fiction or odd ball ideas then you will not like this book As a side note the author overuses the word obviously waaay too much No it is not obvious that because people go missing sometimes that the reptilian under lords are kidnapping people for their genetic material Even if this is happening it just is not obvious, cmon dude really.

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    I really liked this book The kindle version makes it hard to see the illustrations It did a good job of merging myths and legends with historical accounts Creeped me out then once.

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    This is a fantastic book exploring various paranormal phenomena alien abductions, UFO sightings, cattle and human mutilation, various cryptids including Big Foot, El Chupacabra, Mothman, Jersey Devil According to the author all these things are related in that they involve sub terrenean entities that live underground,can change their density, and occasionally come to the surface for resources and use people for genetics reproduction and other evil purposes According to him the idea that aliens come from distant stars as well as benevolent space brothers who want to save us from destroying the Earth and ourselves are deliberate misdirections and lies I know this might sound far fetched to some, for me he tied up different research and authors findings from before such as John Keel and David Paulides so it made a lot of sense This book is really like a unified theory of the paranormal He does mention different religions and demons and jinn and has a Christian perspective but definitely not preachy in any way It has many interesting eyewitness accounts, many of them relating to deep caves and surrounding areas It explores similarities between ancient myths and methods of protection Meticulous research and great writing Highly recommended for those who are interested or curious or want to protect themselves from non human entities.

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    excellent read, despite many redundant themes it is well worth the read for anyone interested in any subject related to cryptids, ufos theology or ufos very well researched and presented in an easy to follow style.excellent read, despite many redundant themes it is well worth the read for anyone interested in any subject related to cryptids, ufos theology or ufos very well researched and presented in an easy to follow style.

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    A very interesting book, I much enjoyed the mythology and the exploration of the subterranean wold The conclusion was not as epic as the rest of the book however.

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