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summary Bone Wires , series Bone Wires , book Bone Wires , pdf Bone Wires , Bone Wires 6c67e51f8d In The Wasteland Of Commercial Culture That Is Future America, Police Are Operated Not By Government But By Private Companies In Seattle, That Role Is Filled By Civil Protection, And Daniel Gray Is A Detective In Homicide Solutions What Used To Be Considered An Important Even Glamorous Department For Public Police Is Very Different For The Corporate Species, And Gray Finds Himself Stuck In A Dead End JobThat Is, Until The Spine Thief ArrivesWhen A Serial Killer Begins Harvesting The Spinal Tissue Of Corporate Employees All Over The City, Detective Gray Finds Himself Plunged Into The First Truly Major Case Of His Career Caught In A Dangerous Mix Of Murder, Betrayal And Conflicting Corporate Interest, Gray Will Find Himself Not Only Matching Wits With A Diabolical Murderer But Grapple With His Growing Doubt Toward His Employers In The Dawning Months Of The American Tricentennial A Thrilling Mystery Set In The Same World As The Wonderland Cycle, Bone Wires Is A Grim Trip Into The Streets Of The Empty Future

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    Book Info Genre Cyberpunk Dark Science Fiction Police ProceduralReading Level AdultRecommended for fans of police procedurals, sci fiMy Thoughts This book is set in the same universe as Shadow of a Dead Star review link here for places that support links , which is set two years after this one, set in 2076.I should point out that galleys even e galleys are usually uncorrected proofs, so hopefully this will be fixed in the final copy, but Angie s eyes kept changing color first green, then blue, then green again, then blue again There were also a lot of missing words mostly a and the and things like that, but it still broke up the flow a bit.There was one scene that really bothered me Dan, the main guy, had a run in with a Pacification officer who was a serious racist Dan was thinking to himself how ironic it was that this officer, who was a homosexual, was no longer under stigma for this, yet was a racist it just felt like ZOMG look at us, we re so advanced now that our homosexuals are racist It felt forced, I guess.Now you would think with all this complaining I didn t like it, but that would be wrong I actually did like it much better than the other one, which I had a very difficult time finishing I m really not certain why I had a difficult time with Shadow of a Dead Star but enjoyed this one I suppose a lot of it had to do with the subtle humor in phrases like a look that would have shamed a cat with its sheer lack of approval or matching the Iceman act with the power of Like I Give A Fuck Dan is also a great character, and the reader develops a really good feel for him I enjoyed the character interactions and thought the writer did a great job of keeping us in the dark about the secret behind everything until the denouement So, fans of police procedurals set in a futuristic world should enjoy this, as well as those who enjoyed Shadow of a Dead Star or those who like cyberpunk thrillers.Disclosure I received a free e galley from Curiosity Quills via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Synopsis In the wasteland of commercial culture that is future America, police are operated not by government but by private companies In Seattle, that role is filled by Civil Protection, and Daniel Gray is a detective in Homicide Solutions What used to be considered an important even glamorous department for public police is very different for the corporate species, and Gray finds himself stuck in a dead end job.That is, until the Spine Thief arrives.When a serial killer begins harvesting the spinal tissue of corporate employees all over the city, Detective Gray finds himself plunged into the first truly major case of his career Caught in a dangerous mix of murder, betrayal and conflicting corporate interest, Gray will find himself not only matching wits with a diabolical murderer but grappling with his growing doubt toward his employers in the dawning months of the American tricentennial A thrilling mystery set in the same world as the Wonderland Cycle, Bone Wires is a grim trip into the streets of the empty future

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    Michael Shean returns this week with his second novel, Bone Wires as he seeks to explore and investigate the world which he so beautifully crafted in his first novel, Shadow of a Dead Star In this second novel, Shean demonstrates an aptitude and fluidity in being able to explore and dismantle themes and genres in the novel Bone Wires shifts from an opening as a dark and horrific murder mystery that keeps readers on edge and becoming embroiled, even fascinated, with the sadistic murders in this neo libertarian world to a novel rooted in the exploration of relationships and the inter connectedness of different plots There can be no doubt that this novel shows Shean to be a writer who is prepared to tap into the darkest recesses of the mind in order to shock audiences with his graphic detail of a world sustained by corporatism and built upon foundations of savagery and ambition Bone Wires follows Daniel Gray, a Tier Three Detective with Homicide Solutions, a branch of a public listed organisation known as Civil Protection, Washington s police force, as he looks to explore a series of gruesome murders in which the culprit removes the spines of their victim as a trophy Gray is portrayed as vicious and ambitious in his desire to reach the next level of corporate success in Homicide Solutions and these murders provide him with ample opportunity to become the shining star of Civil Protection Shean s depiction of Gray in Bone Wires is harrowing for the recognition that it paints a portrait of society governed by corporate ambition and by individual desire superseding the wider moral questions Bone Wires follows a trend and pattern set in Shadow of a Dead Star in being character driven, allowing the reader to connect and explore the inner workings of its principal character as we are thrust into a multi faceted plot that promises to delight, surprise and shock audiences.What this novel does so well is to build and craft the world in which the characters are set There is a loving attention paid to the detail from the corporate structure of Civil Protection to the chemical composition of drugs That same love and attention is paid to the characters as it is to the world, meaning that readers are engrossed in the novel because of the characters, because of their human nature Bone Wires excels in its depiction of characters, people who audiences will all recognise as having been part of their lives the ambitious, the meek, the betrayed, the bully These are all characters or facets of people that come out in the novel and create a woven tapestry of human emotion that becomes society in and of itself.Bone Wires is, to me, a novel of two parts The first part deals with Gray as a Tier Three Detective and his investigation into the murders of seemingly unrelated people but with one connection their spines having been removed In this first part, we see Gray as an ambitious and altogether inconsiderate character, someone is bound and tied to the corporate culture as much as he is a product of that culture the suits, the lifestyle, the personality His treatment of women is the single redeeming feature as he becomes a real person someone is driven by the same needs, hungers and desires as most people are The second part sees Gray as a Tier Four as he discovers that the culture with which he was so besotted with is little than a web of deception It explores in depth the characters which were introduced in what I have described as the first part, characters who come out and shine as individuals, rather than as plot devices to advance Gray as a character The first part is a murder mystery The second becomes a fully fleshed out detective novel.Even if this is a novel of two parts, Shean excels in demonstrating his prowess with the written word in Bone Wires We are treated to a luxurious exploration of this world, its characters and the underworld which thrives on the ambiguities of people s lives and personalities What Shean does in his novels is to defy the expectations of traditional science fiction and demonstrates a preparedness to explore different forms of genre from noir to detective fiction Bone Wires works because it forces the reader to think and challenges the understanding of what is going on in the world Characters become real as the novel develops and the ending secures Daniel Gray as a memorable character who goes through a transformation from the ambitious to the noble.Bone Wires is a free flowing novel that explores ideas and engages the reader, trapping them in a vice of decadence, violence and plot It captures the imagination of the reader and asks them questions Much like the great Sherlock Holmes novels, the ending is as much a resolution of affairs and matters as it is a statement Bone Wires is both a logical and heart felt novel that feeds into people s ideas about what the future might be like, about their own lives and how much we are trapped by own expectations and conventions Michael Shean, once again, demonstrates a talent for capturing the imagination of his readers and having the courage to build on his inventive and creative world As a science fiction novel, it is excellent but where it is exceptional is in its capturing the heart of a world ensnared by corporatism and creating characters motivated by it.

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    I received a PDF copy of this book from the author for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for the review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.Let me start by saying that I am a newbie to the Sci Fi genre, being a huge fan of Heinlein who s stories always gave me enough of the world I live in to be related to amidst the futuristic scenarios Michael Shean has accomplished that feat, while setting up a story that follows a Homicide Detective in the far future I am a huge mystery fan, and here the book excels expectations, while creating a horrific series of gruesome murders, the intrigue from both inside the department and on the street are very real in feeling and description The story also incorporates a new romance, generated in the solution of the murders, and creating yet another layer of manipulations while providing the one true ray of light in this rather dismal scenario of earth future The character of Dan Grey is impeccably crafted both his good and bad qualities are given free rein ambition and single mindedness combined with a rather dismal view of the people on the fringe of society He is resentful of being watched, yet expects that the watchers will also provide him with useful information while simultaneously providing him with alibis useful enough to keep him from being called on the carpet He is manipulated and manipulator, although honest about his participation in both Like all good crime stories that are character driven, this one has a multitude of plot twists that will keep you guessing until the very end And then, it all comes clear The writing is polished and tight, with details that allow you to visualize in detail the world that surrounds Dan Grey I would recommend this book highly to anyone who is a fan of noir or crime dramas, and I also feel that a futuristic fan would like this as well The world is painstakingly and impeccably drawn, dark and clinical with a corporate component that is chillingly believable While I wanted to review this book based on the mystery component, the pieces integrated so neatly into the book that I can say that there was no piece that did not work for me, romance, futuristic, noir or mystery.

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    Bone Wires by Michael Shean is not your average mystery crime novel It s set in futuristic Seattle And it s crazier than you could ever imagine.In the future technology is king and consumerism is queen And there s a place called Wonderland Daniel Gray works for the local private company called Civil Protection He is a detective in Homicide Solutions And he is trying to move up in the ranks All he needs is a big case They say watch what you wish for.A number of killings take place But these aren t your average murders Someone is stealing spines And that s not the only strange thing that s going on.It s a world of enhancement implants to make you bigger and faster and scarier Fashion is extreme There s all kinds of gadgets It s an addiction really There s two ends of the spectrum You fall deeply into the lives of the characters And then there s the nasty details of it all It s the same feeling I get when I read Stephen King It s so bad But I can t look away Shean reaches into the recesses of our soul to stroke the darkness within Heinously enchanting Breathtakingly gruesome Spinetingling.

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    This was a really great book of a mishmash of a bunch of genres and it was so great to read it

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    Bone Wires by Michael Shean is a Science Fiction novel that crosses genres being a police procedural along with a crime novel set in the distant future The closest thing that comes to mind that has come out recently is the Slab City Blues Series of Novellas by Anthony Ryan These two things have many points in common, though the latter is noir, gritty cop fiction meets dystopian future and the former is a stylized version without the hardboiled detective This novel is all about predators Everyone is a predator in this novel hunting someone, or something, or both, whether it s power, revenge, money, or simply their nature as a being, the coldest predator of all turns out to be a big surprise. Read to find out details..THE PLOT It is the year 2076 Police services have become privatized into a public company named Civil Protection, or CivPro for short, where profits are everything People have to have a contract to be protected by the police Our protagonist, Detective Daniel Gray, is a blue shield, tier III in Homicide, which is now basically, a janitorial job He is ambitious and dreams of a juicy case that will raise his level to Amber, tier IV, which will get him a new apartment, a new car, and a raise, along with respect and power within the department Unfortunately, like the Chinese say, be careful what you wish for, it may come true The case does come in the form of the Spine Thief murders, where someone is cutting people s spines out with a hot knife while they are willingly in a prone position What would make them do this willingly But something is not right, and the company wants to sweep everything under the rug as quickly as possible Three of these murders happen, and while Gray must put the pieces together, he finds horrific things, and becomes a hero yet he knows there in his gut, that there is so much than that, which is carefully being kept from the public because it would lower the stock price People come out of the woodwork powerful people, trying to pull him one way or the other to meet their own agendas He sees no way that he can keep clear of their machinations without staining his own reputation He can t hide He can t work with them, so the only option he sees is to be true to himself and go up the middle He goes on the warpath to do what he believes is right, to protect what he loves In the midst of this, he falls for a Subject of Interest SOI a girl from a club an exotic dancer, who was involved with one of the people who lost his spine Is she involved in the murders, or something even worse He keeps finding out new information that leads him ever onward, in his quest to find out the truth Gray finds blackmail of powerful executives, exotic new psychotropic drugs, crooked vice cops, shell companies, sexual favors and mysterious land owners, Nazi war criminals, serial killers, industrial espionage, street gangs and This maze of a plot has many dead ends and red herrings, while the body count continues to rise Sources from all walks of life abound in this book, from high up in the police to an apex predator named Jimmie BlackEyes in the Verge, a lawless region outside Seattle, Wa , who kills as a way of life In the end, everyone lies, to some extent, and everyone tells the truth, when it suits their interests You must sift things through everything to get to the nuggets of gold It is only at the end of the maze that you find out how well you ve done The plot is tightly woven, closely packed, and like a maze, has many different avenues to search for clues, which can lead you astray, or lead you to gold Gray has a choice he goes through door number one, and buckles under to a system that is only interested in bottom line profits, not in justice, and he s rewarded for his efforts and walks away from his love, or goes through door number two, and continues with his off hours investigations, helping Interval Affairs put the pieces together against the mysterious forces that may include his lady love He could lose either way, but what really may be at stake is his soul, so he has to choose wisely Is there a door number three For plot, I give this novel, a 9 10.CHARACTERIZATION This novel was a challenge for characterization, because as predators, everyone with the exception of Gray and Jimmie has natural camouflage Shean characterized his protagonist Gray amazingly well As our narrator, we see inside his head We learn his hopes and dreams, and go through his evolution as the story progresses I believe that Shean was correct in choosing a single POV for this novel, as the story is so complex, that transitioning to different points of view would have added too much complexity to the book, almost to the point of unreadability The book was complex enough without adding different realities and differing truths The other characters in the book had some characterization, like his partner Carter, Megan Cinders the coroner, Jimmie BlackEyes the tribal leader, Angie the stripper girlfriend, Muller the gallery owner, Yin Muller s apprentice and Maskowitz the fired Tech guy The problem was, these people are all playing double roles, with the exception of Jimmie So we really don t get to know the real people behind those roles The roles are characterized somewhat, but with all the smoke and mirrors going on in the book, it is hard to say who is what, with the exception of Gray and Jimmie of course Jimmie, the apex predator Jimmie was characterized quite well eerie, scarey, and dangerous You never want to see him anywhere near you, much less talk to him Moody was a trope, a lead vice cop on the take, powerful, defensive, over weight and willing to take down others for his own profit at the snap of two fingers, but what was he really like inside We ll never know We get a glimpse of the real Angie at the end cold, highly functional and highly trained rationalizing her role, as if she were collating reports instead of what actually occurred It was a ghoulish moment, and one that the author Shean wrote perfectly She swapped roles with Jimmie at that point While she did not revel in her actions as he did, her coldness and offhandedness on the subject, as if the necessary containment measures along with Muller s actions meant nothing than a walk in the park, was so chilling that she topped the list of predators in the book, in my mind. That was a shocking experience It clearly effected Gray profoundly For characterization, I give this novel, an 9 10.IMAGERY Shean did a masterful job of imagery If you like your novels bloody, then this is your cup of tea, so to speak It has everything from an abattoir filled with dismembered bodies to three bodies with their spines cut out, to a dismembered person left in a pyramid outside an art gallery People are also shot, with blood everywhere They also used toxic gas to kill them in droves The one image I will always remember is Gray s meeting the Jimmie BlackEyes at the park in the Verge which is where his tribal group hangs out Each tribe member has tattoos on their face to represent their totem animal and they are surgically enhanced for speed and strength Some have replaced all their teeth with canine teeth for that pokey effect They walk and move like animals in the wild smoothly, quietly and gracefully Gray comes to see Jimmie to ask him a question about the murders He hopes that he won t be killed as he is led into the park by Owl and Jaguar to see Jimmie He is scared to death, but refuses to show his fear He arrives to find a less than stellar throne with a lithe, bronzed, well muscled figure in black bike shorts sitting in it, whose eyes have been removed their sockets black The eyes themselves have been replaced surgically with black, sparkling points of unknown origin which probably see better than anything nature ever created Jimmie seems amused that the police would come to him without wanting to cause trouble Gray asks Jimmie his question and hopes that he won t be killed, eaten or maimed before he can get back to his car Gray is respectful to Jimmie as an authority figure in the park, but knows that Jimmie is an apex predator, and is thankful that it is daytime, as he would never want to be anywhere near the park at night Those black, sparkling dots survey Gray seeming to see inside his soul, as Jimmie considers Gray s question Gray tries not to feel like prey, pushing his herd instinct way down deep instead forcing himself to look at Jimmie s black pinpoints Then in a deep voice, Jimmie says he ll look into it Gray assures him that the knowledge will help him and the tribe Jimmie laughs The audience is over, and Gray is led back to his car by Owl and Jaguar Gray is ust glad to be alive His skin crawls as he tries to bring his breathing under control, as he sits in his car What was he thinking being in the Verge and talking to an apex predator all alone, without a riot squad to back him up He could have been killed, and no one would have known about itFor imagery, I give this novel a 10 10.THE GORE SCORE This gore score is high You don t have an abattoir in your book and get a low gore score They never said how many body parts were hanging on the walls, or how many people altogether had died after being dismembered, but there were many My estimate would be 20 25 The spine thief took three, so that s 23 28 people right there Two people get shot in an apartment at close range, so now the body count is up to 25 30 The human pyramid adds another, so that brings our total to 26 31 At the end, is a battle royale, where the police use toxic gas on their foes The real numbers never come out, and there is definitely hails of bullets involved as well At my best estimate, the gas must have taken at least 8 of the gang members, and bullets took out about the same between the police and the gang, so that s another 16 Now, we have a body count of 42 47 I told you in the last review that I would keep count Plus, a single shooting at the end of the book by Gray brings that total up to 43 48 We ll split the difference, and call it 45 That is a lot of bodies for a single novel There were so many dismemberment s in the abattoir that it should have been a scene from the Texas Chain Saw Massacre For those of you who are faint of heart, this is not the book for you, but if revel in this stuff, you will love this book Shean has a way with gore that will thrill your socks off My final gore score for this novel is 9 10 DIALOGUE The dialogue in the book is concise and snappy There is no overage of words here and because everyone is a predator in camouflage, you find a lot of double entendre and hidden meaning in what they say You have to read between the lines or you won t get anywhere until the end of the novel The only one who speaks straightforwardly is our protagonist, but he starts learning from his superiors that is not how you play the game, and wises up quickly starting to hold back information that only he needs to have on his hunt for the truth The dialogue was custom crafted to create those dead ends and red herrings, I spoke of previously Remember, everyone lies, yet everyone tells the truth when it fits their purposes, especially when they want to aim someone at a target they want to hit While the dialogue was not huge, it definitely played a role in the plot and the characterization Shean did a good job at crafting his dialogue to give us just enough information to keep the story moving forward, keeping us on our toes, leading us astray, and making us want to read to find out what happens For dialogue, I give this novel, an 8 10.PACING The pacing in this book was consistently swift You started the book with Gray in the car, dreaming of hunting his Amber badge, as he gets the call for the first Spine Thief murder The action and obfuscation never let up from that point forward, as both the bodies and the crimes pile up, with Gray in the middle trying to keep his reputation and his sanity while preserving the company bottom line even though he is falling in love with a stripper, which is bad PR for a hero, and could lower stock prices Pages fly by, as you want Gray to get out of his dilemma, get the girl, and get out of this life with his soul in one piece, though he doesn t realize that option is on the table As we get near the ending, my reading sped up to compensate for the amount of information thrown at me, and the events that transpire No one is blameless, yet surprises abound The battle royale is one of those surprises with the result being a jaw dropping moment where my heart breaks for Gray The pacing of this book was well constructed Built deliberately as building blocks are built into a tower, using dynamic tension to heighten the reader s interest The I read, the the dramatic tension rose Once I got to the battle royale, I was clawing the bottom of my chair, winging through those pages faster than anything in nature It never let up until the very ending of the book For pacing, I give this novel a 9 10.THE ENDING The ending was a big surprise to me If I had read the novel slower and reflected on some of the clues longer, I wouldn t have been as surprised as I was, but I still would have been surprised by most of it The ending comes in four parts, Justice, Tragedy, Redemption and Freedom The last two parts, made the tragedy worth it Any time you can end a novel with a message of Freedom, you get my vote Redemption and Justice are right behind Freedom in importance to me Being an election year, maybe Freedom is on my mind that much , but being an American, and a Texan to boot, I believe Freedom is an inherent human right When you end a novel with that message, it just resonates with me, including all types of Freedom Freedom to be yourself, Freedom to save your soul, Freedom from corruption, Freedom of speech, Freedom of assembly, Freedom from search and seizure, Freedom to protect yourself, and Freedom to live your live any way you please as long as it doesn t hurt others For the ending of this novel, which was finely crafted, to draw you into the middle of the maze and explain all the lose ends, then give Gray his Freedom, I give this novel a 10 10 THE UPSHOT This novel was all about predators and everything they do to get what they want, including killing by the boatload It ended up being about justice, redemption and freedom after some very hard won lessons, forty five bodies, a lot of blood and body parts Who would have guessed that Gray would have been the predator voted most likely to be the guy who the joke Nice landing, wrong airport, was about, at the beginning of the story After the story, he finally landed at the right airport, even though his future was uncertain, he was going in the right direction, with his soul in tact sadder but wiser I recommend this book to people who love science fiction mixed with mysteries, mystery fans who don t mind a setting in the future, police procedural and crime fans who love detailed, mysterious cases and the gore that goes with them I also recommend this book as a human interest story as something that may just be prophetic As a country, America is already privatizing government functions If everything is bottom line driven, our world will change for the worse Remember the old coal mines of yesteryear and the veritable slaves that worked there driven by pure profit and dwell on that for a while Do we want those days back For a total score, this novel gets a 55 60, a mid 5 stars MLB SCORE CHART50 60 5 STARS40 49 4 STARS30 39 3 STARS20 29 2 STARS10 19 1 STARS00 09 0 STARS

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    So, wow I won this book in a blog scavenger contest I picked it blindly from a few choices, not really knowing what I was getting I am very happy to say chance favored me with this one.Michael Shean weaves a fantastic storyline in a Seattle of the future The MC is a detective with ambition, but he s not the kind of guy who wants to get to the top at any cost The twists and turns this book takes leave you dizzy as your mind spins trying to decipher the clues woven into the tale Is anyone really what they seem No spoilers for you here, you ll have to read to find out.I enjoyed this book immensely.

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    Bone Wires is an all engrossing world onto itself Michael Shean s future Seattle sprawl is alive, pulsing, and at times absolutely horrifying It s a rabbit hole mystery that amps up the tension and anxiety with each revelation Every move is a potential double cross, every friend a potential murderer, and underneath it all an unspeakable and unstoppable horror is brewing I cannot wait for future volumes from this setting.I m declaring it right here, right nowMichael Shean is the new king of cyberpunk

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    This book has everything you could want in a futuristic crime thriller The characters are well developed and flawed The futuristic world pulls you in and gives you a glimpse of what could be The plot had plenty of twists and kept me guessing until the end If you enjoy a story that is dark and gritty, this is an engrossing read that you won t want to put down.

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    This is a wonderful read If you re a fan of Detective Noir this is the book for you Bone Wires really kept me guessing Just when I thought it was going in one direction it would make a U turn and head in another I cannot recommend this book enough.

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