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pdf Belstarr The Lost Toymaker , ebook Belstarr The Lost Toymaker , epub Belstarr The Lost Toymaker , doc Belstarr The Lost Toymaker , e-pub Belstarr The Lost Toymaker , Belstarr The Lost Toymaker 14bae379a70 NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK On A Christmas Rhyming Story About A Lost Toymaker Called Belstarr Who Holds The Key To Christmas In Her Heart Will She Find Belief Before Drake Hausen Takes Over Christmas Forever A Magical Sleigh Ride For All Christmas Believers

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    We wrote this book for everyone who loves Christmas, because we do You can read it snuggled down on Christmas Eve with your loved ones or enjoy during advent If one child says it is their favorite book then we have achieved our goal We really hope you all enjoy the story for many years to come.

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    I just read this book for my school assigment, my class enjoyed it We all love Christmas and I will be reading this book again over the holidays I wish it was Christmas now.

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    Well written and beautifully illustrated, this book is a must have on the permanent library of any child who enjoys Christmas magic It has the right size to be read before sending the child to bed It will keep their attention to the end It should take no than 30 minutes to read to whole book Plot is simple Father Weisberg has a toy workshop and produces toys to Santa Claus He has four children Chiska, Duchy, Alvaro and Belstarr He receives the award of the best toymaker of all During celebration, Belstarr goes missing She was kidnapped by Drake Hausen and taken to the South Pole He wanted to take over Christmas and hoped that Belstarr would help him making his toys best by far And the story develops till the rescue of Belstarr Everything written in rhymes Brilliantly executed This book was written by David Jack and Daniel Morrow and illustrated by Stella Perrett and published by Wolf Hawk Writing on Feb 2012.

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    WOW It has been a long time since I have felt like this about a new Christmas book I love the Grinch, Polar Express, Christmas Carol etc And If I may, I d like to put Belstarr The Lost Toymaker into this category A unique story, with intriguing characters It had me on the edge, a page turner My children loved it also I would certainly make this your next purchase, the poetry is lovely Here s to Wolf Hawk Writing, whoever and wherever you are Wendy x

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    I bought this Christmas rhyming book from for my little brother last month October 2013 He simply adored the magical characters and story A topsy turby tale of Belstarr who has been put under a spell by Drake Hausen She must find belief in Christmas before Christmas has gone forever It has shadows of the Grinch crossed with the Polar Express Perfect x

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    This book was given to me by my aunt from New York Belstarr is a Christmas toy builder who is really good at making toys A baddy named Drake Hasen takes over Christmas and uses Belstarr to make his toys for him Santa and the gang stop him just before Christmas day A lovely story especially the ending, but I won t spoil it for you RB

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    My mama gave me this book last week as a surprise I was amazed by the poetry I enjoy reading poems and this had an added Christmas sparkle I m so glad Belstarr found belief in Christmas I m excited now.

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    I m so disappointed that I got scammed by the self promoting self publishers of this book It may be a story that has sentimental value to the author, but it s sloppily written and produced It s also just flat out weird.

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    love it

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    christmas heaven

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