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    3.5 stars really storyeachnight tonight with Solitary Instinct by Wendy N Wagner from Beast Within 2 Preditor and Prey This is a not at all veiled story of empowerment through predation, which while not at all bad was little The problem with tales like this is often they re too simplistic, too obvious The mc s initial weakness is too much so you know that suddenly having power will corrupt the MC to a similar degree People don t change so easily even when suddenly empowered, lending the story an air of inauthenticity, as well as making the take away message that people cannot be trusted with power, so it s better to keep them repressed Not saying that s the author s message just the corrupted message of such tales after you read too many of them.The Strange Tale of the Viennese Mathmetician by Joshua Reynolds from Beast Within 2 A WW ish steampunk tale with exiled royalty turned spies, Dracul raiders and zeppelin bombers its vivid a little dizzying It s very exciting, but a little too intense for a short story, rather like if one took the 2nd half of Inglorious Basterds and cut in the vampire bits of From Dusk til Dawn at the theater scene With werewolves Regardless it s an awful lot of fun The Adventure of the Missing trophy by Mark W Coulter from Beast Within 2 A Sherlock Holmes Werecritters tale it s woefully straight forward for a Holmes story Not to mention supernatural It s not at all bad, just.expected The problem with theme anthos is that you can t have a story published in a werewolf book and then have the big reveal be that a character is a werewolf Readers are going into stories with expectations and that kind of reveal doesn t work Especially in a theme story We are no longer in a world where people just don t think about the paranormal Story tension solely being It s a Supernatural thingie is not going to work in a culture where we ve grown up with Count Chocula and Frankenberry and Demi Moore loving a ghost When writers depend on the same old tension readers look for new things to do with their favorite themes Thus ParaRomance UF.Blood Will Tell by JG Faherty The short form cheats this rich historical tale It would make an excellent, classic horror style novel or novella if expanded.Vanessa McAvoy s Statement by Kelly Sails, a tale of a kindergarten class of shapeshifters gone sugar mad It s over the top, silly and invokes memories of Kindergarten Cop It s not a tumor Apparently it s a were ferret Tonight s storyeachnight was Ties of Silver by James L Sutter from Beast Within 2 Overall, I liked it Love the paranormal noir angle, the voice, the plot, everything Would have loved a whole book Except that the only female in the story is only described by her breasts The complete flatness of her seriously annoyed me.The Long Road to Sanctum by Richard Farnsworth Beast Within 2 It s not really a long story, which is a shame because the post apoc western feel reminds me of k_h_koehler s Black Jack Derringer It s an enjoyable read, but I was so into the weird western thing I was disappointed that there was little meat to the story.Masako s Tale by bymichaelwest from Beast Within 2 It s a good tale with a rare Japanese flavor Definitely an unexpected and welcome change from standard werecritter fare It s really a fairy tale than a shifter story Though it is that too Help Wanted by Lydia Ondrusek from Beast Within 2 It s a real lovely story, not at all the kind you d expect to find in a horror themed book It s set during the post oil spill clean up in the gulf and handles the topic real well A pleasure to read, actually.Desperate Housewolves by Erik Scott de Bie Despite pretty much knowing what was going to happen this was a fun little tale totally made better by a male lead who volunteers at an animal rescue Life Decisions by Dylan Birtolo It s a 20s shifter mob tale, but lacking a lot of things, like details I didn t realize it was a 20s story because there s little flavor to it Likewise there s little emotional involvement with the story It s one of those things happen in an order stories But without any vibrancy or emotional connection.Tonight storyeachnight is Papa Pirana by Angel Leigh McCoy I was prepared not to like this one because of a cliche feeling opening Yeah, it could have used a little tightening again I saw where the story was going but it had everything the previous story lacked excellent multicultural flavor, lush description, and an oddball kind of shape shifter that I never expected to read about Kudos.Deserter by Gabrielle Harbowy Marie Bilodeaux Military SF shifters for the win This nice little blend of a tale is surprisingly yummy and manages to toss a nod to classic style shifter tales into the mix.Corvidae by Kerrie L Hughes It feels like the start of a Coraline like adventure I would have read a lot of this one In One Stride Comes the Dark by Kenneth Mark Hoover What a perfect, poignant end to this anthology A wild west tale with all the archetypes, but none of the trite clich , your Wise Native, White Hat and Outlaw all make an appearance Totally satisfying.

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    I picked up this book at Gen Con from one of the authors who has a story in it and finally got around to reading it Though I am only about 2 3 done my overall opinion isn t likely to change The stories vary in quality, which is unsurprising since they are several different authors The formatting of the book could have been better done, especially around the illustrations To me the illustrations detracted from the overall quality Still it is an enjoyable read and good exposure to authors you might not encounter otherwise.

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    One of the three best anthologies I have ever published a story in The long road to sanctum.

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    Uneven anthology, with some stories being better than others, but the standout here is Michael West s Masako s Tale Beautiful tortured love story, and the ending really creeped me out

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