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    Originally Reviewed For Tea and BookI have come to the conclusion that author Sarah Gilman has a gift Her unique storylines alone can capture a reader s attention Add to that, well developed characters and wings and you just can t miss Yes, you read that correctly, I said wings Sarah seems to have a true affection for creatures with wings.Ambrosia Pellerin is a journalist sent on a crazy mission, she s to interview a guy who believes he has found a Phoenix Only said interviewee is just a little possessive of the story, he beats her, steals her car, money, phone, etc. and sends her off in the desert Desperate she stops for help at a shack in the middle of nowhere. Where she meets a mysterious man who initially is all helpful and kind but suddenly give his car keys and his car and tells her to leave Only she can t Worried about the man she stays just long enough to watch the entire place go up in flames.Reece Bennu is a phoenix not just any phoenix but THE phoenix, the Prince, the heir to the throne, the oldest phoenix of the purist bloodline So what s he doing out in the middle of nowhere He s getting ready to be reborn, in a place where his ashes can safely disperse What he doesn t need is some crazed human around trying to prove phoenixes phoenixi exist And he really doesn t need the sexy human around But really who ever said life was easy So it s a month later and the ever so pure Bennu bloodlines are in for a bit of a shakeup. Ambrosia is pregnant and her entire world has changed in an instant First she finds out she s pregnant, then she discovers the father s a phoenix, then she finds out she has to move like now , then Yeah it s a bit rough on Ambrosia Of course that s before she finds out her smokin hawt baby daddy is well, sort if a god..Oh and that there is major prejudice issues..Oh and his dear old granny is the worst of the lot All this and really they barely know each other..But One of the reasons this story works is because Ms Gilman didn t try to make them instantly in love These two had to learn to work together, had to choose first to be parents, then a family and finally fall in love They had to discover who the other person was and how to compromise Reece had to learn that compromise didn t mean that Ambrosia did all the bending, he had to as well.In some ways this was just your regular romance. That is the true joy of this book.ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Ashes, provided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released on December 30, 2013

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    Oh wow So this would have to be a 3.5 star read When I saw this, I really thought it d be sorta fluff and basically clich Surprise, surprise It wasn t and boy did I have a grand old time reading this I can count the number of Phoenix books I ve read on one hand Completely novel a concept, yet it s not explored much The couple I have read, have always followed the typical shifter plot base That being said this wasn t much different in that sense Except this read like a contemporary, accidental pregnancy novel than a shifter one I loved it Obviously It just read different Like my favorite contemporary could shift in Phoenixes I mean Holy Shit that s effing outta this world I m gonna cut this review short here cause I m on the phone typing this and too lazy to switch to my laptop Long story short, definitely read this It has Umaiya s seal of approval p

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    ARC provided for an honest review3 Stars The book was too short.I never read a paranormal book about phoenixes That s why I was really interested in this book and the concept sounded intriguing The world of phoenix shifters is very interesting They might be immortal however they need warmth and sun to survive as well as different kinds of food spices on a regular basis or they ll die I had the feeling the synopsis was a bit misleading I expected much from the story There is actually no relative of Reece out there who has murder in mind Well not really at least It s just a case of resentment and they want Ambrosia gone not dead And I expected from Ambrosias family, too Maybe I didn t catch it but there is also no dire medical situation that she has to return to She does want to return to her hometown house and her sister but because she misses her The only medical situation I was aware of is the health problem Ambrosia had as a baby and little kid and her sister was born with a defect Maybe this is the medical situation and I didn t really catch that What I liked was Ambrosia and especially Reece as characters Reece was so sweet and normal With normal I mean the little things he did with Ambrosia like kick her in the foot when he talked to her and she said something silly Another thing was when he let himself fall face first on the bed and lay there for several minutes In my head this was so damn cute and silly It made him real and likable Also Ambrosia wasn t hysterical or totally overwhelmed by the pregnancy or the existence of phoenixes which she could have been Who wouldn t faint knowing you are pregnant with a phoenix baby from a guy you have seen for a total of 10 minutes But she was strong, caring and reasonable It was very nice to read and I liked the characters from the start However the story could have been detailed and needs some drama Nothing major happens in the whole book The great final is told in 4 pages and no one gets hurt physically or emotionally There is no real villain Reece grandmother is a bitch but Sarah Gilman gives us reasons for why she is the way she is So you can t really hate her either All in all, this book was just too short The basic concept of the phoenix, how they exist, what they do and their whole world is great in concept This book deserves 100 pages to really honor the idea of the author and to make it exiting.

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    Ambrosia is a journalist and her job is to find the truth On assignment after the legendary phoenix she is sure she will just find a story that isn t true When she is attacked, she gets saved by a strange man and sees him die Later on she finds out she is pregnant If that wasn t a shock enough she finds the man she thought had died is alive and the father of her child He is also a phoenix and wants to help her with the baby Reece never wanted to be father to a half phoenix child He has always been careful and his people don t like to see him with a common human As he tells his self he is only with her for the baby he soon finds he feels for her They begin to fall for each other but his grandmother will not let go of the past of their people to give them a chance at love They have to be strong if they are going to work things out.Ambrosia is a very truthful person She doesn t like to lie or hide anything Finding out there are real phoenix she has a hard time with the fact she has to be quiet about it She is also faced with prejudice people that do not like her one bit Being pregnant is knew to her and she wants the baby safe no matter what Reece at time while a phoenix can seem cold hearted, He tries to hold back his feeling from Ambrosia to keep her safe He is a very caring person and wants what is best for his people and those he cares about He doesn t like to be faced with leading his people and has put that to the side for a long time If you read a lot of paranormal books you are always looking for something new I have to say this book is one for me While I have read a few books with phoenix in them, nothing like this The phoenix in this book have a human side and not just a bird like I am used to I loved every bit of this book as it brought a refreshing new take I couldn t put down I liked both Reece and Ambrosia They both had a few things you didn t like about them and it made them real They have lots of heat between them and not just because he is a phoenix Her getting pregnant is another thing that will stand out to you as it is unusual You get to know them both as you read this fascinating book I also have to say I liked how you really had not one but two bad guys to read about They have to deal with a lot Be prepared to hate Reece s grandmother as I know I did She is a horrible woman If you want a different take on phoenix pick this up and give it a try You won t regret it.

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    I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I absolutely loved Ashes by Sarah Gilman The storyline was unique, you don t come across many books from the paranormal genre that feature a phoenix I loved the idea of a phoenix that can shift at will to human from the minute I read the synopsis Ambrosia and Reece are incredible characters that were beautifully written They have been thrown together in the most extreme of circumstances, and have to figure out a way to make it work between them, if only for the sake of their child Adding to the depth of the story was the fact that Reece is from a royal phoenix line of nothing but pure bloods, his child will be the first that won t be Needless to say, his family won t be too happy with the news I was even impressed with Reece s character than anything He wasn t emotionally unconnected like a lot of alpha males are in paranormal books He actually invested in building some type of relationship with Ambrosia The two of them falling in love with one another was a complete bonus I thought to myself while reading this, even if they become nothing but friends it would work Ambrosia is a journalist and Reece has to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn t actually spill the beans about the phoenix She has a little trouble with it, but for the most part understands the need for secrecy She managed to keep her end of the deal All in all, it was a beautiful short read filled with emotion, love and adventure I wouldn t mind reading it again

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    This was a great easy read The fact that our hero is a phoenix made for a refreshing and different paranormal romance and because of the associated elements of sun, heat and fire it wasn t by any means dark I just wish it had been longer as I was left wanting .Having discovered they are to be parents following a fairly unique conception, Reece and Ambrosia are scared and fearful of the future as are most parents to be But when Daddy is a thousand year old phoenix of regal stature, it causes a few issues particularly as the mother of his child is human and the baby won t be pure bred phoenix.I loved them both Reece was a sweetheart most of the time and steps up to the mark in protecting his growing family Ambrosia is strong and a little stubborn, but their attraction is clear and both want the best for their child.Admittedly I would have liked a little fight and interaction with Reece s family and some content between him and Ambrosia heading towards the end, but that doesn t detract from a sweet and intimate romance, with passion, some action and a descriptively beautiful setting that I d recommend.3.5 stars

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    I was given an ARC by Entangled Covet in exchange for an honest review This was the first book by Sarah Gilman for me, and I ll definitely check out her books in the future I m the type that when I like I book, I tend to finish it one sitting I did that with Ashes I really liked the fact that she wrote about something different It made getting sucked in so much easier since you don t read about a phoenix everyday I think it s harder to take something new like a phoenix and buil everything around it, and I think she did a good job Everything was so descriptive I m hoping this is a series and we ll continue to get to read about the phoenix community The only thing, and it s not even a bad thing about the book, is the blurb I read the blurb first, then I read the book Then I went back and read the blurb to make sure that the one I was thinking of was for the book I read Now I m kind of scratching my head There were things in the blurb, that weren t in the book I m not sure how to explain it without giving spoilers, and I don t want to do that because I really liked it and want other people to read it.

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    When Ambrosia Pellerin is attacked and left for dead, she seeks help at an isolated farm house in the desert of New Mexico She didn t know this would change the course of her life The man who helped her was Reece Bennu He is a Phoenix and royalty to his community of shapeshifters Now she is pregnant with his child She has to leave her family and everything she loves Can she find happiness with Reece Will his family accept her and her child I love this book The sexy and caring Phoenix is such a wonderful hero He has his faults and his weaknesses but love changes him and makes him stronger Ambrosia is a strong woman who will do everything that is necessary to protect her child and her lover She has the courage to face the truth and work to make things better I love Reece s tree It added such a light touch to the story I couldn t put this book down It had everything I enjoy This book is a keeper.

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    The imaginations authors have will never cease to amaze me Meet hot pheonix guyhe burst into flames and the next thing you know you re now pregnant without the actual enjoyment of the act As you can imagine there are sure to be many obstacles along the way This was definitely a new concept for me with characters that surprised me and left me wanting .There is so much that goes into writing a book and the author has the knowledge that they will be unable to please everyone Yetto catch our attention with a new conceptintricate charactersa fun or intense storyline means they have accomplished a goal and they should soar with this knowledge My life has been enhanced because of fun imaginative books like this Always give some type of positive feedback to these minds because without it life would be boring To the author Thank You for giving my mind an outlet to soar to new heights

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    I received an arc of this book and I m glad I requested it This was my first time reading about Phoenix s and I really enjoyed the story and characters.Reece is a Phoenix about to rebirth, when ambrosia knocks on his door in distress, talk about bad timing Reece is lovely, but his honest almost too honest, I d have told him to do one Unfortunately circumstances mean Ambrosia can t Amtrosia is very strong lead woman, but Reece s good looks and his damn smile do something to her What could possibly happen when they get to spend time together I wanted to read this book in one go I enjoyed that much, life didn t let me though I found reading about something other than vamps and weres really absorbing, I ll definitely be reading Phoenix books and books by this author.A recommended read 4.5 vampy and racey stars.

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download Ashes , read online Ashes , kindle ebook Ashes , Ashes a60cf497ce5c Accidents Happen For A ReasonJournalist Ambrosia Pellerin Accepts An Assignment Involving The Legendary Phoenix, Expecting, If Nothing Else, A Little Entertainment Instead, She Winds Up Pregnant By A Surprisingly Human Looking Firebird, Reece BennuAs The Phoenix Prince, Reece Is Next In Line To The Throne And Expected To Marry A Purebred Royal A Common Human Such As Ambrosia Is Not In The Cards He Swears, Though, He Ll Never Be An Absentee FatherAs Ambrosia S Due Date Grows Closer, So Do The Soon To Be Parents But Will Their Tentative Love Survive The Prejudice Of Reece S Grandmother, Who Will Stop At Nothing To Tear The Two Apart