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    Although set 40 years ago, Armstrong and Charlie remains as relevant as yesterday s police shooting of an unarmed black teen or this morning s borderline racist Donald Trump tweet Sure, the novel presents coming of age stories for two 12 year olds white Charlie Ross, the son of Jewish politically progressive parents, all of whom are still mourning the death of Charlie s brother Andy a few months earlier, and black Armstrong Leroy, the hot tempered son of a disabled veteran who left a leg in Korea and picked up post traumatic stress disorder The pair, who would otherwise have never met, do so when Armstrong s parents agree to Opportunity Busing, which sends a dozen kids from the projects to tony Wonderland Junior High in Laurel Canyon, home of Frank Zappa, Jerry Brown, Joni Mitchell, Carole King and fabled Mulholland Drive Armstrong and Charlie are antagonists from the very start, with neither ready to give an inch.But Armstrong and Chalie isn t a TV Afternoon Special there are no easy resolutions to overcoming the frictions induced by class and race The novel remains believable throughout, hopeful without becoming Pollyannaish or maudlin Because of that, this novel might shine a beacon of hope at a time when schools have been re segregating at an alarming pace.While it isn t quite like any of them, Armstrong and Charlie should join A Separate Peace, The Chocolate War, Wonder, and Harriet the Spy as another classic that explores schools and injustice Highly, highly recommended.

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    I ll just say it s a book that tells the truth p 265 This book is terrific layered, well written, and feels true.

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    ARC from publisher at ALAIt s 1975, and while some middle school problems are the same weird teachers, school lunches, annoying parents , some are very different Charlie lives in upscale Laurel Canyon, and right before 6th grade is to start, he finds out that many of his friends are going to other schools The reason Black children are going to be bused to Wonderland Avenue Elementary school Charlie s mom doesn t have much of an opinion, because she is still reeling from Charlie s brother s allergy related death Charlie s dad thinks this is a good thing he fought at the end of WWII and employs blacks at his medical supply business, and wants Charlie to be accepting, especially since there were times when he experienced prejudice because he is Jewish Armstrong is to take the bus in and doesn t want to leave his old school Things get off to a rocky start, partially because of racial issues, but because there are a fair number of new students introduced to a longstanding population Charlie and Armstrong have an odd bond Charlie overheads Armstrong tell a story about his neighbor, Mr Khalil, dying The story turns out to be false, but Charlie admires Armstrong s deviousness and creativity, and Armstrong feels bad that he made up the story when he finds out that Charlie s brother really did die There s a humorous incident involving Ho Hos the snack cake that goes down the same way, and when students who are bused are supposed to spend the night closer to the school before a big class trip, Charlie s father invites Armstrong The boys bond during the class trip, and come to an easier alliance Their relationship is imperiled when Charlie s father is held up at his business by two black men and becomes very afraid, but it is this incidence that sets the whole family on the road to healing First of all, I have to buy this because of the description of cleaning white wall tires That was always my job, and I hated it as much as Charlie does Small historical touches, like using land lines, biking around without supervision, and reading from SRA cards, make this a great choice It is how the racial issues are addressed, however, that makes this brilliant Things aren t easy, but they aren t horrible, either The issue of busing was covered well from both sides, and the attitudes were very much in line with what I remember growing up I m probably about 2 years younger than the author It s hard to get a good balance this book will make some readers uncomfortable, especially the scene where there is an interracial kiss and tensions fly But it s brilliantly done Is the boy really made that the boy who kissed the girl he likes is black, or that the girl he likes seems to have enjoyed the kissed These issues are never simple, and middle grade readers are sophisticated enough to understand this The role of the fathers is interesting as well Charlie s served at the end of WWII, and Armstrong s father lost a leg in Korea, and this shapes the way they treat their children There were other interesting adult characters as well the lonely but helpful Mr Khalil, and the poor beleaguered aide, Edwina Gaines, who writes hysterical incident reports when things go wrong at school.The only thing that I disliked about this was the inclusion of the brother s death, and the mother s dysfunctional way of dealing with that, but that is a personal issue It was addressed fairly lightly in the book, and the mother does finally get her act together Armstrong and Charlie is a must read for middle grade students who are trying to figure out their own place in the world, since that s exactly what these characters are trying to do They re just trying to do it in a world where there are banana seats on bicycles and peanut butter in every sandwich in the lunch room 6th grade is still about learning to spread the Ho Hos around, and good historical fiction manages to show students that while things may change, they really stay very much the same.

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    The story Armstrong is getting bused to a different school in LA in the fall of 1973 Charlie s always been there, and he doesn t know what to think of the black kids who are volunteering to come all the way across town He also doesn t know what to think about Armstrong, who s kind of a Rebel while Charlie s of a Rules Boy Even so, as the kids get to know each other, they find out they re alike than they could ever have guessed.June Cleaver s ratings Language PG 13 Violence PG Sexual content PG Nudity G Substance abuse PG Magic the occult G GLBT content G adult themes racial segregation, death of a sibling child PG overall rating PG.Liz s comments I liked the story a lot, and you could tell that the author actually went to this school and lived some of these experiences, because he gets them exactly right It did seem, however, that the characters were a little older than sixth grade Armstrong s advice to Charlie about getting a kiss with some tongue seems to me to belong to 8th graders, and the frequent appearance of words like dumbass renders this better for MS readers than ES kids Still, I really did like it, and there s a lot here that s still relevant 40 years later.

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    NetGalley provided a copy of the ePub in exchange for an honest review.Steven B Frank s middle grade novel Armstrong and Charlie is a powerful read with an important message It is written for young readers but will certainly be enjoyed by all.Armstrong and Charlie are beginning sixth grade in the 1970s They live in Los Angeles and they are not familiar with each other s world Charlie lives a comfortable life but has experienced personal loss Armstrong will be bussed to a white school away from his neighbourhood Their first encounter is challenging and their journey is filled with the honesty of youth This well written novel examines racism, bereavement, bullying, and true friendship Armstrong and Charlie is a quick read that does not disappoint.

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    4.5 starsArmstrong Charlie, the middle grade debut of Steven B Frank has already received high praise with a starred review from Kirkus A fantastic historical novel with two protagonists you ll not forget, Armstrong Charlie seamlessly combines serious heartache and humour to tell the story of two young boys who meet during school desegregation in 1970s California.We meet Armstrong Le Rois and Charlie Ross as they set out to start sixth grade at a Los Angeles school called Wonderland Both boys are beginning their new school year under stressful, difficult circumstances, and in alternating first person narratives, we experience and follow their often turbulent connection as their paths cross over and over again in and out of school For Armstrong, he, as well as a few other students from South Central LA, will be integrated into a white school in the Hollywood Hills as part of an Opportunity Busing program For Charlie, the start of the sixth grade means starting a school year at Wonderland without his brother and with the terrifying realization that he s soon going to have lived longer and get to experience than his beloved older brother ever had the chance to A story replete with substance, era and significant historical movements, Frank has than capably interwoven the unforgettable voices and personal heartbreak of Charlie and Armstrong as they experience and navigate their new surroundings Through the main characters incredible, engrossing voices, Armstrong Charlie explores everything from grief, death, trauma, racism, bullying, as well as family, loyalty, and adolescent matters of the heart Frank navigates through Charlie and Armstrong s experiences of ugliness and happiness, moments of soaring and moments of dishonour with grace, insight, and some unexpected and satisfying humour.Overall, Armstrong Charlie is a standout read Well written, focused, rich with exceptional characters and a terrifically done dual narrative, Steven B Frank has done a super job with his children s debut Readers who enjoy the excellent offerings of children s authors such as Firoozeh Dumas, Rebecca Stead, Karen Harrington, Kwame Alexander, Erin Entrada Kelly, or Sarah Weeks, or readers who enjoy historical or hard hitting, significant middle grade lit might especially love this wonderful story.I received a copy of this title courtesy of Raincoast Books in exchange for an honest review All opinions and comments are my own.

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    Middle grade historical fiction novel about two boys from very different neighborhoods in California in the 70s brought together by opportunity busing.Loved the character development and the budding friendships A few uneasy moments as the boys try to figure out what kind of people they want to be Plenty of laugh out loud moments.My 3 year old picked it up from the New shelf at the library and handed it to me Glad I stuck it in my bag and checked it out.

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    What a remarkable story, much better than I anticipated Once I began reading I found it difficult to put down Having just begun my career as an educator in the early 70s, I can remember when busing began along with all the controversy.Armstrong and Charlie is definitely a work of historical fiction It has the ability to take you back to that point in time From white wall tires to landlines and SRA reading cards How they take me back Even the music was representative of the time I did find myself singing The relationship between Armstrong the rebel and Charlie the rules boy was developed beautifully Two boys who are very different yet the same It begins the first day Armstrong reluctantly steps off the bus at Wonderland Elementary School, a white school in the Hollywood Hills a result of Operation Busing Charlie was the serious of the two whereas Armstrong had a humorous way about him and there was ample humor But their story also dealt with serious subject matter bullying, trust, death and grieving, prejudice and it s fears along with showing the importance and effect of strong family bonds and true friendships.We are also exposed to all the angst associated with this age along with the heartache as emotions develop and first love makes itself known.Did I like the story YesWould I recommend it AbsolutelyA totally relatable story well worth 5 stars

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    1970 s California Armstrong s parents decide he should be bused to a white school where he can get a better education, and perhaps put some distance between him and his many sisters Charlie s friends are going to different schools, and he is kind of adrift The two basically spend much of the book competing against each other in many normal adolescent ways, which after a certain point, became irksome Happily, they are supported by a strong group of well developed characters, particularly family I liked the way the book developed and Frank s portrayal of the teens, which probably comes from teaching kids this age The book is clearly autobiographical as Frank found himself in this situation when he was in middle school.

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    I obtained the audio edition of Steven B Frank s Armstrong Charlie from a Goodreads giveaway Ruffin Prentiss, Christopher Gebauer, and Karen Chilton did an excellent job with the narration I also enjoyed the historical educational aspects of this story as I have learned that works such as this can encourage young readers to research and learn about the events that are depicted Even as an adult, I can become intrigued by events mentioned in books and have researched them in order to learn about them I definitely give Armstrong Charlie a thumbs up Young readers listeners should enjoy the engaging story and will probably relate, in many ways, to the two protagonists.

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summary pdf Armstrong & Charlie , summary chapter 2 Armstrong & Charlie , sparknotes Armstrong & Charlie , Armstrong & Charlie 81f3320 Charlie Isn T Looking Forward To Sixth Grade After All, If He Starts Sixth Grade, Chances Are He Ll Finish It And When He Does, He Ll Be Older Than His Older Brother Ever Was Armstrong Isn T Looking Forward To Sixth Grade, Either This Year, He Ll Have To Wake Up At To Ride A Bus To An All White School In The Hollywood Hills When Armstrong And Charlie Are Assigned Seats Next To Each Other, What Starts As A Rivalry Becomes A Close Friendship Set In Los Angeles In The S, Armstrong And Charlie Is The Hilarious, Heartwarming Tale Of Two Boys From Opposite Worlds Different, Yet The Same

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