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    Alex and his wife are having problems When Alex falls in love with the woman next door, things escalate Did I mention the woman next door is a giant spider That magical time of year when the New Bizarro Author series launches is upon us and I will soon have all the books in my clutches While deciding which one to pick first I noticed this one was about giant spiders living alongside humans Sold After all, I take spider photos at every opportunity.While I expected this to be a cool book, I in no way expected to love it this much Arachnophile is a unlikely love story between a man and the giant spider that lives across the hall While it could have been played for laughs, it s actually touching at times and very well thought out One of my pet peeves with some bizarro books is that they seemed slapped together and don t have much internal logic This one is pretty great The logic of the world is well done I liked how Alex s racism, or speciesism, I guess, against spiders was portrayed Also, and this is going to sound creepy, Betty Rocksteady made the spider s embrace seem really sensual Arachnophile is a surprisingly sensitive, well written love story It just happens that one of the characters is a giant spider Five out of five web wrapped stars.

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    Holy giant spiders and humans living side by side, batman I have been afraid of spiders for as long as I can remember When I see one, in real life or in a photograph, I feel my heart begin to race and I have to swallow the urge to vomit I won t attempt to squish one because, god forbid I miss it and it escapes, I d die from the anxiety of trying to find it again, though I also can t just let it live because WHAT IF IT GETS ON ME or MAKES BAAAAAABIES So you gotta know that picking up this book, it set off every warning, trigger, and alarm in my body but I just couldn t resist I ve been dying to check it out And hot damn, despite the fact that this fucking thing had my brain buzzing, my skin crawling, and my stomach clenching the entire time I was reading it, I fucking LOVED it It was the most bizarre, tenderly twisted love story I have ever read.

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    A love story like no other Taking place in a world in which spiders as in normal, find em in your garden type spiders, albeit, much larger are granted full citizenship, Arachnophile merely touches on the bizarro dystopia of its universe writ large Instead the true story is much myopic in scope And while this novel subverts the notions of a traditional relationship cutting them up and splaying them out in all their gory glory what really shines through is the protagonist dilemma, and how he overcomes it Taking a nod from every rom com ever made, we have a love triangle of sorts, but unlike the comedies from which its structure is based, this is darker and weirder than you d ever imagine Still, there s a plot here a very illuminating plot, at that and this strange journey of self discovery pays off with a climax that is as disturbing as it is poetic I enjoyed this book immensely.

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    Very well written little novelette about a three way drama involving a man, his girlfriend and the giant female spider who lives in the apartment next door As the protagonist, Alex, not only gets over his revulsion and fear of spiders but starts a romantic, sexual relationship with a female spider This packed a lot emotional punch than I had expected, as feelings, both human and spider are deftly described and explored Even though there are some pretty disturbing moments, the intense descriptions of sex and nastiness feel integral to the story Will definitively be checking out of Betty Rocksteady s work.

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    NBAS Rocks.Every year Eraserhead Press gives us the chance to experience a host of new talent with the NBAS books Betty Rocksteady is one of this years writers She has written a brilliant tale about discrimination, lust and fear I love how Bizarro fiction quite often starts out in a normal way As the stories progress, things begin to get absurd However, it s not just weird for weird sake Their is deep meaning behind many Bizarro tales This particular tale tells the story of Alex and Heather A couple living together whom become distracted when a spider moves in next door to them Some great images, emotions and deftly written this is a tale not to be missed Open your mind and embrace the world of Bizarro Fiction 5 stars.

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    Arachnophile is an unlikely story but that s the point of Bizarro, right about a man who lives in a world where giant spiders live alongside humans The man s initial revulsion, in time, becomes a curious and consuming fascination with unexpected results.This novella is humid, sweaty, and uncomfortable, but in all of the best ways It makes us question how we define monsters, and, in turn, how we define ourselves against the binaries of fascination and revulsion.Plus, I mean, it has giant spiders, so it s also fun Read it

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    I love the NBAS and have read some excellent work, this is again one of those times I still get surprised, pleasantly so by how great and original some authors are Arachnophile is a story that had me enthralled and also emotionally invested Touching, sad and curious it was like Alice falling down the rabbit hole into a world so similar to ours and yet so different Bugs and humans living side by side with discrimination of species, mind numbing work and relationships that are unique to say the least Relatable and yet curious and curiouser Well written and enjoyable Highly recommended Thank you to the author for the review copy.

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    One of the better written in terms of pure literary style New Bizarro Author Series books I ve read Betty uses the right words to create a mood like using spider like expressions like caugh in a web , etc, to describe non spider related feelings, but conveying the spiderness of the book even so and it s so effective I just think it should either be longer, to develop the very interest world that s just hinted at, or smaller but then it wouldn t be a NBAS book.Betty and I along with our wonderful friends Karl, Lee, Maddy, Michael, Anthony, Chris and Chistoph were part of the same New Bizarro Author Series squad, and I m proud of that She s an amazing writer, who will only continue to evolve her craft.

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    I began this book with zero intention of reading the entire thing any time soon I just wanted a taste and then would get back to my currently very busy life I ve been in the middle of reading a constant flow of submissions for an anthology I am compiling, so any extra reading time was strictly devoted to those okay, and I got Stephen King s new anthology Bazaar of Bad Dreams that I ve been having a fling with But certainly no time right now to devote to anything else However, when I stepped into the sticky web that is Arachnophile, I soon found myself bound within its pages, unable to break free.The bizarre world that Betty Rocksteady weaves for us in her tale is one riddled with over sized spiders and victims of racism as they struggle to find their place in a human world One of these eight legged creatures happens to move in next door to the book s arachnophobic protagonist and his girlfriend The girlfriend encourages her man to be inviting to their new neighbor, and soon his feelings toward the thing take a very unexpected turn that Rocksteady has a very strange and unsettling way of presenting as something that could almost be comprehended by the reader I feel dirty just typing that.Arachnophile is bizarro, but it s lighthearted in its execution an easy read It doesn t feel like some poetic acid trip that only the author can truly enjoy There is a certain claustrophobic and routine like feel reminiscent of Lynch s Eraserhead, though don t let my analogy fool you into thinking this is some slow paced nightmare that only some will get and others will hate If you re not already a fan of this subgenre Arachnophile is a great gateway to help you find your way.If I have one complaint about the book it s that the synopsis gives too much away I would have liked to find out on my own that the story takes a twisted romantic turn I think not initially knowing where it was headed would have made this book a page turner than it already is Chad Lutzke, Horror Novel Reviews

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