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    I loved this story I haven t read the tale the author claims inspired it, but I think that s actually for the better This is truly masterful story telling, because although the first few pages grip you Maher doesn t give the story away It s one of those tales which you could re read, because the ending will alter your perception of the beginning.It starts out in a nursing home, and old man sneaking out for some sort of clandestine mischief The beauty of Maher s story is that she reveals the hidden truths s slowly and one at a time I won t give away the plot, because it s brilliant and to give it away would spoil it Though it s down as horror to me the strength of this story is the mystery and the suspense Maher s depiction of nursing home life and of the growing frustration of the protagonist Brian, at his perceived incarceration is vivid It s atmospheric and the characters, even those that are NOT human, come across as realistic and human I found myself thinking at times Is the behaviour of this girl realistic then thinking, Well yeah, I suppose It s maybe Then BLAM Angela smacks you in the face with the truth of the situation and EVERYTHING makes sense.Well, everything except one tiny little throw away line at the finale, which left me wondering what the true relationship was between the male and female protagonists It may have simply been my faulty brain, not computing correctly, but a moment of cognitive dissonance, brought on by one of the last lines in the story, left me feeling less satisfied than I would ve been without the ambiguity Angela cleared the misunderstanding up via email, but I have to dock a star, because apart from this tiny thing it was perfect Perfectly paced, perfectly balanced, enjoyable characters, mysterious suspenseful Overall a very exciting and enjoyable short story If you have an ear for the macabre, I d strongly recommend giving this one a go Paperback Edition StanleyAuthor of The Last Dragon Slayer Free to download Author provided me with a review copy

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    If you are wanting a great book to read at night and happen to like the horror genre Arachnight by Angela J Maher is a truly unique and interesting and has all your needs for a good horror story The idea of the story is nothing I have ever read before as the main character Brian is at the beginning an elderly man who can morph into a spider needs to suck the blood of human victims to make himself younger at the beginning of the story it is hard to tell that it was actually him who murdered these people for his own needs but by the end of it, it becomes much clear especially with his desires towards Becky who turns out to need brains blood to carry the spiderlings The build up is one of the best parts of the story and the author put an amazing amount of detail into the build up but also the characters are written so well and so clear and each have personalities that can be highly enjoyable I enjoyed reading Arachnight for the pure fact that I did not know what to expect and did not know where the story would go, yes the title is a giveaway but it could of went in many ways, but what the author wrote truly made me not want to stop reading and although it is a short story I hope that the author decides to continues the story and makes it grow.

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    Yikes This one was awesome Never saw that ending coming But when you think about it, she was just doing what she had to do as was he But the girls win often than not We ve got that mother instinct , even w o babies, we also have that killer instinct to do what has to be done, even if it s not desirable Thanks for the read Give me some

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    Angela J Maher s short story Arachnight follows Old Brian, a senior citizen at a shady care facility Brian hungers for a decent meal, and with the help of a quirky nurse s aid, might at last enjoy his life This quick read will give readers a healthy dose of arachnophobia.

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    Short and terrifying I was already scared when I looked at the coverI do not do spiders I am not a big horror person but I really enjoyed reading this short tale Horror is best in small doses in my world, I need to sleep at some point It was well written and great for a quick scare I haven t read the work that this was inspired by so I can t compare it and honestly I don t want to I like to take things as they are and as this is I enjoyed it.

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    I liked Arachnight because it took some standard tropes and gave it a twist e.g the spider isn t a standard spider which any reader would rightly expect but I don t want to reveal than that because then I d give away too much in this short story, and the twist ending And I think the ending is so good, I did not see it coming at all

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    I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review There are many reasons people hate spiders, but this story will ignite that fear Arachnight was a quick easy read with all the gripping requirements of a horror tale Plus, you ll never see the end coming.

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    Maher spins an interesting tale of a much maligned creature.

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    A fantastically creepy changeling story that puts a satisfying spin on some classic horror tropes I loved the ending

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    Enjoyable Horrific for sure, nice ending There was material here for a novel I d love to see it expanded one day.

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