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txt Ancient Aliens On The Moon , text ebook Ancient Aliens On The Moon , adobe reader Ancient Aliens On The Moon , chapter 2 Ancient Aliens On The Moon , Ancient Aliens On The Moon 31e5b1 Best Selling Author And Secret Space Program Researcher Bara Brings Us This Lavishly Illustrated Volume On Alien Structures On The Moon He Looks Into The History Of Lunar Anomalies And The Early NASA Programs He Gives Us An Examination Of Ruins On The Moon In The Sinus Medii Region Using Images From The Surveyor, Lunar Orbiter And Ranger Missions He Looks At The Apollo Lunar Missions To The Moon And The Photographic Evidence Supporting The Transparent Dome Theory, Plus He Looks At Further Anomalies In The Mare Crisium Region, Including The Hexagonal Shape Of The Crisium Region Itself, Watch Crystal Type Glass Domes Over The Craters Cleomedes F And Cleomedes F A, And An Historical Image Of A Giant Shard Of Transparent Material That Was Whitewashed From Later Versions Of The Same Image Bara Discusses The Popular Theory That The Film A Space Odyssey Was Used As A Training Ground For Stanley Kubrick To Develop The Technology To Fake The Footage Of The Landings Plus The Curious Mission Of Apollo Possibly A Technology Salvage Mission, Primarily Concerned With Investigating An Opening Into A Massive Hexagonal Ruin Near The Landing Site Bara Details How The Astronauts Managed To Get Nearly Minutes Of Off Camera Time To Investigate An Entrance Into The Ruin And Then Later Proceeded To A Nearby Crater To Retrieve Technological Objects He Examines Evidence From The Russian Zond Series Of Lunar Probes As Well As The Current Clementine And Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Data, Including An In Depth Study Of Strange Objects In Tycho Crater Plus A Look At The Current Politics Of The New Race To Return To The Moon And What Hidden Agenda S May Be Behind It Finally, Bara Looks At The Various Arguments That The Entire Moon Is An Artificial Object Bara Shows How The Moon Would Have Been An Ideal Place For An Alien Species Involved In Genetic Experimentation On Earth To Have Set Up A Base Includes Page Full Color Insert

About the Author: Mike Bara

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ancient Aliens On The Moon book, this is one of the most wanted Mike Bara author readers around the world.

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    So one day Mike Bara googles pyramids on the Moon and comes up with this The page is part of a forum used by teenagers who play the video computer game Call of Duty Mike blogs about it, calling it a one mile square ziggurat Several readers of his blog look up the original NASA Apollo frame from which it was taken Well, what do you know No ziggurat They tell Mike He replies Of course not NASA airbrushed it out One of his readers is a trained astronomer, specializing in crater formation His name is Dr Stuart Robbins Robbins goes to the immense trouble of locating the image of the same lunar location taken by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter This image is about 40 years newer than the Apollo shot, and 80 times better resolution No ziggy Mike says You re looking in the wrong place, and anyway NASA would have airbrushed that image as well Robbins finds an image of the area taken by the Japanese Space Agency with their Selene orbiter Still no zig Mike tries to say that Robbins is still looking in the wrong place, but he can t produce the evidence.After a 40,000 word debate, Mike incredibly declares that the image he d originally found on the gamers forum is the only one he trusts, and he goes ahead and publishes Not only that, he spends a day looking at the Apollo image in detail, and claims he found a gun emplacement a flying saucer in a hangar an aerodynamic spaceship why aerodynamic when there s no air a crane a drill a beach houseSo, in this wretched, wretched book, he s asking you to believe that NASA obliterated the ziggurat, the Japanese Space Agency did the same, but NASA saw fit to leave in all those other artifacts.If Mike Bara has a shred of credibility in your eyes, pray read what he has to say about images of Earth from space the clouds are the highest in the atmosphere, meaning that they are reflecting light back to the camera and at a faster rate Since they are returning light, the clouds are the lightest The surface areas are darker, because they are a bit further away from the camera than the clouds and therefore the light has to travel further before it is reflected back The deep blue oceans are therefore the darkest, because the light has to travel all the way to the ocean floor before it is reflected back to the camera This was written by an author who claims expertise in interpretation of space photography

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    Having read Mike Bara s follow up books, Ancient Aliens on Mars and Ancient Aliens on Mars II, I was interested in reading this one While it makes fascinating claims, the photos it uses to back them up are incredibly blurry and hard to make out The photos in the Ancient Aliens on Mars books are considerably clearer and interesting to look at.Also, this book is rife with typos, grammatical errors and duplicate words I m convinced Bara s editor was either incompetent or non existent And finally, the book is very short Overall, I can t justify the 11.49 price tag on this.

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    didn t see some of the things the author said were in some of the pictures though he made good arguments for something very odd happening with regard to our current perceptions of what is on the moon as opposed to what we are told is and isn t there All in all, very informative and thought provoking this is the kind of information you won t get thru MSM I recommend it if you have ANY interest at all about the moon and or about what might possibly be there

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    Amazing bookexplains a lot about why NASA is suppressing what they have foundI was impressed with Mike s scientific approach to the subjecthe appears to be honest in his offerings I could not put the book down and will be reading his other books.

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    Solid review of just a fraction of the evidence for artificial structures on the moon.

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    If you d like to know what I thought of this book, please contact me directly and I d be happy to discuss it with you.All the best, TB

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    Lots of interesting stuff, I m just not sure how credible it all is.

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