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    I don t like spiders I like it when the spider gets eaten by the fish.Added at age 6 i likt this book because ol the spiders hafe pawrs

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    Anansi the Spider A Tale from the Ashanti is a Caldecott Honor Book from master storyteller Gerald McDermott and it is about how Anansi s six sons try to save Anansi from all kinds of trouble he gets involved in Anansi the Spider A Tale from the Ashanti may have a confusing sentence structure that younger children might not understand, but it is still a great book for people who are fans of Anansi the Spider.Gerald McDermott has done a brilliant job at both illustrating and writing this story of Anansi and his sons Gerald McDermott makes this story extremely exciting and intense at the same time as Anansi is put through all sorts of danger and his sons try everything to rescue him Gerald McDermott thoroughly explains the importance of family in this book as Anansi s sons use their special abilities to save their father and children will easily learn the message of this book about the importance of standing by your family s side through tough situations and I also loved the way that this story is set up as the same plot structure as The Fool and the Flying Ship and The Six Servants as the sons also have special abilities that help the main character Gerald McDermott s illustrations are once again done in a sort of 1970s retro style as Anansi the Spider and his sons rarely have a clearly defined body shape as their legs are like block shaped sticks and Anansi has yellow round eyes and blue, triangle shaped eyebrows and a triangular orange mouth The images that stood out the most were the images of Anansi s sons as they have no expressions on their faces, but they have signs on their bodies that indicate their special abilities such as Road Builder having a large X on his body and Game Skinner having two scissors on his body.Parents should know that the sentences in this book seem to be in fragments, meaning that a couple of articles such as the and a are missing from each sentence and also the sentences would start on one page and then continue on the next page without a period completing the sentence and that might confuse smaller children who are trying to learn how to read for the first time Parents might want to discuss sentence structures to their children before they read them this book so that children would not be easily confused by the story Anansi the Spider A Tale from the Ashanti is a great story about the importance of family and children who love reading folktales about Anansi will easily love this book I would recommend this book to children ages five and up since the confusing sentence structure will confuse smaller children.

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    A spectacular set of stories I discovered whilst volunteering as a teaching assistant at a north London school It was used as part of an assembly put together by year 4 for Black History Month.Anansi stories are part of an ancient mythology that is rooted in West African folklore and concerns the interaction between divine and semi divine beings royalty, humans, animals, plants and seemingly inanimate objects These stories have and continue to provide a moral foundation for the community in which these tales have originated.Anansi is a spider, but in many tales he is recognised as a creature who is half man and half spider his most distinct quality is that of a trickster As the main character he often deceives and exploits his fellow creatures for his own benefit In Anansi and the Yam Hills he manages to deceive Brothers Turtle, Owl, Mongoose, Hare, Peenie Wallie the firefly, and even the tough Bro Scorpion, often robbing them of their basket of sweet ripe fruits But Anansi adventures and situations also teach the readers a lesson in morals Tricksters will themselves be duped and humbled by another which happens in Anansi and the Yam Hills , whereby Anansi is tricked by the polite Mrs Guinea Fowl However selfish he is, Anansi antics provoke affectionate laughter, while his quick wits and mystic power inspire awe The real joy of discovery the Anansi tales was the manner in which it was presented by the year 4 class with the guidance of the class teacher The class came up with an original poem summing up Anansi the trickster and incorporating it with music and rap style used by Tinie Tempah Pass out which gave it a very modern and electrifying feel The tales really inspired the children so much that they were engrossed in their tasks of choreographing the poem, learning the routine, creating artwork and even writing the poem There was voice modulation, audience participation and even some free style dance intertwined perfectly with the story A never forgetting experience and an absolute crowd pleaser with shouts of once

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    As I was reading the novel Homegoing, there was one character that would periodically be referenced Anansi Anansi is a figure from Ashanti folk religion He is the Ashanti trickster god think Loki in Norse mythology and Son Goku in Chinese folk religion.This is one of those mainstay books of my early school years I would read many books featuring Anansi the Spider, but this book stands out on apart of its spellbinding cover Though Anansi is usually the antagonist trickster mentor in Ashanti folklore, here he is the protagonist in conflict After stumbling in to a harrowing conflict while journeying, he is rescued by his sons He finds a mysteriously large orb of light and he wants to gift it to one of his sons, but which one I have also found something I rarely find nowadays the original animated video that went with this book Most children s books from the 1960s on had these, but they rarely survived the transition from analogue to digital Luckily some has uploaded the original video created by the books author, no less to YouTube Enjoy

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    This delightful version of Anansi the spider comes from the Ashanti, a tribe of Ghana, and explains why the moon is in the sky The story definitely has a very different rhythm than typical Western tales, with each of Anansi s sons playing integral roles in rescuing their father from peril Perhaps the best thing about this book is the extraordinary collection of illustrations found within with sharp edges and heavily contrasted colors, each conjures playfulness and awe Definitely a fun read for the younger set and a way to introduce students to the literature of Africa.

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    Forever one of my favorite children s books my son loved it

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    Anansi is a spider who was portrayed as a human in this West African Ashanti folktale This vividly illustrated book was a 1973 Caldecott Award winner that I have read time and time again This folktale told of Anansi, his six sons See Trouble, Road Builder, Game Skinner, River Drinker, Stone Thrower and Cushion and exactly how the moon came to exist in the world Although creatively told, remember Anansi as he was a true trickster so don t be fooled by his humanized ways and memorable wit His son were given those clever names for a reason Although this book was once recommended for children Pre K though grades 1 2, I recommend it for all ages including adults if you re young at heart 5 memorable stars

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    Beautiful retelling of this important legend Will teach the importance of working as a team to young children.

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    A story about how we all have different talents Did you know Anansi had 6 sons Find out how the six of them use their various talents to save the day.

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    Anansi the Spider is a West African folk tale that comes from the Ashanti people in the country of Ghana Author, Gerald McDermott explains in the prologue that the Ashanti people have told this story, and many like it, for hundreds of years as a means of explaining why and how things have come to be In the book, Anansi, a spider with human like qualities, begins by naming each of his sons according to a specific ability each son possesses He then goes off on a journey where he gets himself in trouble His sons use their unique abilities in different ways to help rescue Anansi Upon being rescued, Anansi proclaims he is going to reward the son who rescued him with a beautiful white light However, since all of his sons worked to save him, he cannot pick one to receive the reward Anansi then calls on the God of All Things to hold the light until he has decided who to give it to However, the spider family argues, and the God of All Things is displeased by this and decided to put the light up in the sky forever At the end of the book, it is explained that you can still see this white light in the sky at night This book offers many teaching opportunities in both literature and social studies instruction Students are exposed to the idea that different cultures have a variety of ways to explain why things are the way they are in the world Teachers can also use the story as a way to explain to students that each individual has unique abilities that they can use in special ways Additionally, teachers can encourage students to think about the names and descriptions given to various characters and what they might tell the reader about that character The book also features unique illustrations that utilize bold colors and geometric shapes to mirror the traditional artwork of the Ashanti people, offering yet another talking point for teachers Although simply written, this books rich quality leads itself to many uses with in an elementary school classroom.

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download Anansi the Spider , read online Anansi the Spider , kindle ebook Anansi the Spider , Anansi the Spider 8c0dd96bd8a6 Anansi The Spider Is One Of The Great Folk Heroes Of The World He Is A Rogue, A Mischief Maker, And A Wise, Lovable Creature Who Triumphs Over Larger FoesIn This Traditional Ashanti Tale, Anansi Sets Out On A Long, Difficult Journey Threatened By Fish And Falcon, He Is Saved From Terrible Fates By His Sons But Which Of His Sons Should Anansi Reward Calling Upon Nyame, The God Of All Things, Anansi Solves His Predicament In A Touching And Highly Resourceful FashionIn Adapting This Popular Folktale, Gerald McDermott Merges The Old With The New, Combining Bold, Rich Color With Traditional African Design Motifs And Authentic Ashanti Language Rhythms Anansi The Spider Is ACaldecott Honor Book