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    3.5 She s kinda dumb and she s gonna be relevant for the rest of the series.I have a prediction for Nina There was the whole Jason reveal at the end with Luke and the adults I m guessing she going to be a thorn in Luke s side later on She gonna screw them over because she s stupid There are enough hints in this where I could see her becoming a betrayer I mean she went back and forth on doing the right thing so many times.

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    I m short on time again today, so, this will be quick This was another exciting entry in this series.

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    Among the Betrayed is the third book in the series I really enjoyed this book This book is about a young girl named Nina The population police found her useful and used her to betray other third children In her holding cell she meets three other children, Alia, Percy, and Matthias While in the cell she tries to find information about them, but they do not tell her anything One day while The Hating Man was questioning her a guard was found poisoned Nina finds the poisoned guard s keys and escapes with Alia, Percy, and Matthias They make their way to Harlow s School for boys and began to look for Lee Grant To find food the four children took food from a garden behind the school One day Lee finds Nina stealing food and takes her to Mr Harlow Nina soon finds out that this whole thing was a set up to see if she was trustworthy or not Now she, Lee, Mr Talbot, and the other three children are working to overthrow the population police.The main characters are Nina, Percy, Matthias, and Alia Nina is a young girl who makes the population police believe she is helping them Nina grows up a lot as the book goes on Percy is a nine year old boy who is very smart He looks up to Matthias and also helps take care of Alia Matthias is the oldest of the three children He will do anything to protect them Alia is six and is very smart for her age She trusts Nina the most out of the three children.The setting of the story starts off in a holding cell in the population police prison The holding cell is very cold, damp, and dirty The setting then moves to the forest where the four children hide out after escaping from the prison The time period of the book is not mentioned, but I would guess it takes place in the future sometime.The theme of this story is survival The four children have to do all they can to survive They have to try and find food and shelter in the woods to stay alive They do all they can to not get caught by the population police again.I would recommend this book to anyone who is already reading this series, or anyone who is in middle school and beyond This book has great imagery and a great plot that keeps you interested.

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    Erst dachte ich, dass es sich hierbei nur um einen Zwischenteil der Grundgeschichte handelt und war etwas ent uscht, aber die F den finden sich zusammen und so bin ich doch sehr froh ein wenig mehr von Nina Idi, einem der Schattenkinder, zu erfahren Ich glaube, dass sie im weiteren Verlauf noch eine gr ere Rolle spielen k nnte Ich bin gespannt ob ich recht habe Also auch dieser Teil konnte mich berzeugen Da es eben eher eine Dystopie f r j ngere Leser ist, ist die Sprache und der Aufbau nat rlich sehr leicht gehalten, aber f r zwischendurch ist es richtig toll.

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    Awesome book I loved it Its about this girl who has to decide whether or not to betray these three young kids She makes the choice to help them and is on a long journey, with these really smart kids, to find a safe home to stay, in the shadows hidden from the rest of the world.

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    Among the Betrayed The main character is Nina, and she is the third born child in her family Nina is illegal, because she is the third born of her family, and third born children are illegal, because it is hard times where she lives Nina used to live with her aunt s, but she got caught For third born children to try and not get caught, people make fake ID s for them to try and help them The book is about a girl, Nina , who gets caught being an illegal, and she is then thrown in prison The guards start to ask her questions about her old life, and what she used to do, and where she got the fake ID from Guards come into Nina s cell with a recorder, and they play it back to her, and it is Jason, her friend, blaming Nina for everything Then the guards take her to a different room and make a deal with her If Nina helps them, then they might not kill her Then, Nina gets put into a cell with three other children The Population Police put her in there to try and see if she can get them to confess to who gave them the fake IDs They don t, and the guards tell her she has one day and if she fails, the Population Police will kill her So they escape, and come to find out, it was all a trick It was all fake, the guards, and the three children It was all a test for Nina In the beginning, the story takes place in a prison, where the Population Police hold the third born children The cell that holds Nina and the three other children, Percy, Alia, and Matthias , is like a dungeon It is all wet, and cold, and nasty, and they only get food once in a great while When the children do get food, it is moldy and hard Then Nina gets the keys, and all four of them escape, and go into the woods They all start to head to Nina s old school to find her friend She finds her friend at her old school, but she gets caught by some boys, for stealing from their garden, and they take her to the owner And then, that s when they tell her it was all a test I would rate this book at four stars This is a great book for someone who likes action, and mystery novels The theme of this book would be that you can t trust everybody, or be careful who what you believe Also, things may not be as they seem.

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    this book is good because Nina is another shadow child and is actually with luke from the first book and luke doesn t know that she is a like him but she doesn t know if she should luke but IDK if she knows likes real name isn t lee grant luke is trying to say to say he can help her this book is good because I like the series of the among the shadow children and all of these books mostly have action and its interesting

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    Third in The Shadow Children Sequence, and perhaps the most fascinating so far, with its edgy examination of trust and perception Among the Betrayed shifts focus and the protagonist of the first two books in Haddix s seven volume series becomes a minor player A peripheral character in Among the Impostors, Nina, takes center stage Readers of the first two books, and it definitely is a plus to have read these first, will themselves not be sure whether to trust Nina Nina, held and questioned by the Population Police in a not too faraway America ruled by an authoritarian government, isn t sure whether she trusts herself The allies she makes, and even her imprisoners in a nice plot twist , turn out to be not exactly what they seem to be at first.Haddix is unflinching as she looks at a bleak future that is all too possible The bleakness is leavened by the resiliency and hope of her young and well drawn characters Lots to think about and discuss for young readers in short books that are easy to read.

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    I loved this book At the beginning I felt it was a little boring and could of had detail, but I loved the twist ending so much it definitely deserves 4 stars This book had lots of action and included a lot of twist and turns I did not see coming It just goes to show you, trust no other man alive At first I thought it would be a bad book because it was in Ninas point of view but I was completely wrong If anything it made the book better.Plus this is my favorite cover for this series very cool A great addition to the Shadow Children series

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    Personal Response I thought that this book was pretty good The plot had a lot of action to it and it was very detailed throughout the book I was able to follow what was going on with the characters pretty easily I also thought that the variety of the characters was also very good The ability to know what the main character was going through, both internally and externally, allowed for me to get involved in the reading of the book PlotNina is very confused on what has happened to her She has been arrested by the Population Police and is now sitting in a jail cell Nina is immediately worried that they somehow found out her true identity and she will now be punished for it Nina is an illegal third child and has been living a false life at a school for girls She has been hidden in the school by her family under a false identity for most of her life Nina is interrogated by the warden and learns that she is not in jail for being a third child but, she is in jail for treason Nina was betrayed by a boy she thought she loved Nina agrees to make a deal with the Population Police in order to have her life spared She must infiltrate a group of third children also being held in the prison and get them to confess their real identities Nina feels guilty to attempt to betray her own kind but she agrees anyway She slowly tries to gain the trust of the other children when fate decides to throw her a bone She is able to procure a set of keys and decides to help the other children in an escape The other children agree to trust her and they soon use their skills to escape the prison Nina is on the run with the others for quite some time before the find a place to settle down Nina and the kids steal food from the garden of a neighboring boys school until Nina is caught Nina escapes but is tracked by the people who caught her Nina tries to save the other kids when it is revealed that it was a trick the whole time The Population Police who arrested her are secret supporters of the opposition movement for third children The whole thing was a test to see if Nina would join her and she passed Characterization Nina questions her own character quite frequently throughout the book The thought of betraying other third children like her slowly starts to eat away at her mentally The battle between her betraying of the others and her will to stay alive is very apparent in the book Her whole life has been based on a lie and the reader can tell that she just wants to be her true self at times throughout the book Impact of SettingThe book takes place in a very oppressive country The law against third children creates a feeling of suspense throughout the reading of the book When Nina is in the prison the reader is very easily able to feel the terror and depression that Nina feels The prison also adds an aspect of survival to the book When Nina and the others are on the run the same feeling of survival is also felt throughout the book Thematic ConnectionI think that the theme throughout the book is the battle between right and wrong Nina wants to betray the others to survive even though she knows it is the wrong thing to do She is constantly faced with the dilemma of how she can survive without hurting the ones around her Sometimes the wrong thing seems to be her savior, but she knows that if she goes with that decision it will stay with her for the rest of her life Rating RecommendationI think that this book was just shy of five stars The one thing that might have gotten it that extra star would be the introduction of information on the other kids There is some information on the others but it didn t feel like I could really understand who they were The book is great for readers who like adventure themed books I also think that the book is great for both genders because it has a female main character, but it also has a lot of action I would say that this book is great for people in late middle school and up.

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download Among the Betrayed, read online Among the Betrayed, kindle ebook Among the Betrayed, Among the Betrayed fc53d231b8c7 Everything That Had Happened To Nina Was Real She Had Real Handcuffs On Her Wrists, Real Scars On Her Back, Real Fear Flooding Her Mind They Re Going To Kill Me, Nina Whispered, And It Was Almost A Relief To Finally, Finally Give Up Hope In A Society That Allows No Than Two Children Per Family Under Penalty Of Death, Third Children Are Forced Into Hiding, Or To Live With False Identity Papers In Among The Impostors, Nina Idi Was Arrested For Treason For Supposedly Trying To Trick The Population Police Into Arresting Other Students She Said Were Illegal Third Children Now She Faces Torture Or Death Unless She Agrees To Betray Three Other Imprisoned Third Children Her Dilemma Intensifies When She Meets The Prisoners Who Are Only Ten, Nine, And Six As She Did So Brilliantly In The Publishers Weekly Best Selling Among The Hidden And In Among The Impostors, Margaret Peterson Haddix Once Again Brings Readers To A World In Which Nothing Is As It Seems A World In Which An Imprisonment Leads To An Adventure Of Mind, Body, And Spirit