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summary Above Top Secret, series Above Top Secret, book Above Top Secret, pdf Above Top Secret, Above Top Secret 17ec15aae5 I Can T Say That I Agree With Everything Good Proposes In This Book, But He Does Raise Some Interesting Possibilities About UFOs Good Is Not Claiming That UFOs Are Extraterrestrial, But Simply That They Do Exist And That The Governments Of The World Have Been Hiding Evidence Of This Fact His Study Is Exhaustive But Would Still Be Worth Reading Just To Examine The Facsimile Copies Of Confidential And Secret Documents From The US Canada, And Europe, As Well As The Controversial MJ Documents

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    This is a definitive work for anyone interested in the field of Ufology and one massive tome of a book that took me the better part of the summer to read That is because Good does something in it that few UFO books before had done provide evidence Nearly one third of the book is declassified documentation obtained through FOIA requests and citations to publications and interviews that an industrious researcher may go and check for themselves Because it is so research based, the text is rather dry and makes for tedious reading at times Readers looking for rollicking UFO tales of the kind found in The Weekly World News will no doubt be disappointed and I don t think that is such a bad thing Good moves from nation to nation, including the US, Canada, Britain and much of Europe, devoting a healthy number of pages to how each government acquires its intelligence and then demonstrates how that has been applied to the UFO phenomenon Gradually, the case for a cover up grows stronger as does the sensible rationale to have one in the first place.This is not to say that Good doesn t include his share of an anonymous source has told me that instances of hearsay Such things are unavoidable when dealing with the subject of UFOs, otherwise there would be no conspiracy Not only that, but Good s stance can hardly be called a neutral one His drive to conclusively prove a UFO cover up comes through loud and clear For instance, Good includes this correspondence he had with former NASA astronaut, Scott Carpenter p 381 Carpenter said to Good your continuing implication that I am lying and or withholding truths from you Your blindly stubborn belief in Flying Saucers makes interesting talk for a while, but your inability to rationally consider any thought that runs counter to yours makes further discussion of no interest indeed unpleasant in prospect to me Regardless of his insistent fervor, Good did provide a much needed publication to the UFO field by virtue of the included documentation alone Given the book s publication date, it obviously does not include recent developments or progressive speculations, but I was glad to read in the closing pages that Good entertains the possibility that UFOs come perhaps not from outer space, but other dimensions For anyone wanting or needing a baseline knowledge of the modern UFO mythos, this is essential reading.

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    One of my best and oldest friends from high school did a stint as an editor for UFO Magazine after he moved from Chicago to San Francisco Although I d had an interest in the topic in elementary school, I d pretty much let it go until he got involved Then, during annual visits with him here or in California, I d read from his collection of books on the subject, this being one of those read in San Francisco.So far as I recall, this book is virtually a country by country listing of UFO events, demonstrating that the phenomenon, and, at the time, its cover up, was world wide.

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    Dated but very good book for the UFO buff Lot s of things that make you go hmmmm.I believe this is the UFO bible.The Book for those with interest It has been written a couple decades back but facts don t go away and the questions about them are shrouded in secrecy so they won t disappear.

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    This is the book that got me interested in UFOs I dare anyone to read it and then tell me there s nothing to this And there s so much that I ve learned since then Read the book s , find out for yourself what s been going on for thousands of years.

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    Level headed overview of publications and documents from about the 1940s to 1980s Drawing from cases in Flying Saucer Review, and many others, the book presents a worldwide phenomenon geographically and geo politically Instead of dwelling on any one event, the text continually moves on to further examples That aspect makes it a bit dizzying, and even dry reading, a barrage of facts, reports and summaries, but actually its what lends the most credence to the whole subject of cover up There is just so much data diversely collected here that the final impart to the reader is an overpowering sense of being left in the dark in a world where only special agencies are allowed access to reports of what is happening all over, where future technological possibilities are only afforded to the privileged and in the know set.I can say personally, that this elitist governmental agency control of information specifically pertaining to UFOs is very offensive to me, having come from a family of science fiction illustration dating back before the lid was sealed on public UFO reporting i.e my grandpa was doing flying saucer illustration on magazine covers from the 40s through the entire period covered in this book It s been made quite clear that while a person could feel free to fantasize about aliens and spaceships via fictional outlets, the same is not true for factual information over the same half century The book closes with about fifty pages of reproduced declassified documents and reports from agencies such as the FBI, CIA, Air Force Agencies, NASA which work well to immerse a reader in the real situation The situation is a cloistered honeycomb of secrets, where one person in one agency doesn t know what anyone else is doing in other governmental units The elite few who have access to facts cannot, in my opinion work fast enough in their secrecy to achieve nearly as much as public disclosure would I think the result is a stagnation Meanwhile real evidence it simply filed informationally and moved between secret document resources out of the view of everyone else Bureaucracy with its inherent tunnel vision has replaced action.The author is to be lauded for not taking a non factual approach, to appeal to primitive sympathies of the reader He has written his piece to let the evidence present the case, with little pressure on the reader to form expected opinions, to believe Whether or not the UFO situation is indeed a real one, we are confronted with a picture of agencies manipulating and coveting information which was once public so that not only is it suppressed, but also it becomes distorted and meaningless That s the cover up, and that s what this book questions Well annotated.

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    Although dated, this was a fascinating read Packed with a wide range of documents through the years, from a variety of different, credible sources I was looking for a book with as much evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials, and this delivered I dare skeptics to read this and do further research, before jumping to the conclusion that we re the only beings in this universe I definitely recommend this book to all UFO enthusiasts

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    Timothy Good created a GROUND BRAKING book in a time when books on the subject had not yet reached a level of credibility needed for the subject He published a book with a massive amount of detailed research backed up with plenty of FACTS A great reference book I recommend to the serious reader.

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    Good did his homework and the result is a fascinating look at a wide range of documents over time and from a variety of sources It could have been dry, but never was for me.

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    I ve owned this book since it was released in 1988, and I m still impressed by it Timothy Good covers the subject of the worldwide UFO coverup in a scholarly way, with an appendix of reproduced government documents, footnotes and an Index There are separate chapters on Great Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Canada, China, USSR, with the largest section covering the United States.

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    A brilliant book Full of excellent information regarding this enigmatic phenomena Credible testimony and evidence.

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