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    At the beginning of the year, Hermit Crab finds his current shell is too small He ventures out in search of a new one, only to discover that it is drab Carle takes the reader along throughout the months, as Hermit Crab decorates and finds protection for his new house By the end of the year, the shell has become too small again, forcing him to make a significant decision Neo has long been an Eric Carle fan and liked the colours and less than mainstream illustrating.

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    A House for Hermit Crab is a wonderful story Hermit Crab realizes he has outgrown his shell and has to find a new one It is scary to have to leave the safety of your home and find a new home Hermit Crab knows he must find a new home straight away because his home keeps him save in the open sea He does accomplish finding a home that fits just right very quickly This home even looks like his old home However, he decides it s plain and goes on a quest in the dangerous, wide open sea in search of decorations He is met by all kinds of friends who help make his new home beautiful Instead of sitting safely in his plain home Hermit Crab ventures out and makes friends, lives life and makes a creates a lovely home in the process The book goes throught the months of the year and by the end of the book in November he has outgrown his beautiful, new shell that his new friends have decorated He leaves the shell and his friends to seek out a new shell by giving the shell to someone who promises to take care of the shell and his friends I highly recommend this book This would be a great timeline assignment using the months going over one year It sends a special message of getting out into the world and all its dangers because there are friends and beauty to be found

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    Text to Self Connection A House for Hermit Crab is a cute little story that definitely relates to me I am always looking for things and such to decorate my house with Every time I see something, I want it just like the Hermit Crab I am constantly on the look out for new items to grab as well as bargain items to refresh old ones Sometimes I begin to wonder if I am a hoarder with all the decor, but I really enjoy being crafty and decorating plain items and making them new.

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    This repetitive story about a hermit crab moving into a new shell has a great rhythm and also provides opportunities to practice counting and identification of new creatures.Everyone here really liked this and I think we ll soon add it to our home library.

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    An excellent allegory for change Eric Carle is a legend.

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    What s up with August The book was following a pattern with Hermit picking a new item each month to decorate his home with except the pattern was broken in August and then resumed again in September, haha Ages 4 8 Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website

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    A very fun book about a hermit crab who is trying to decorate his shell A creative book that promotes creativity.

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    What a brilliant way to explain symbiotic relationships in the ocean Dig it

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    A House for Hermit Crab is another example of Eric Carle s incredible ability to craft a simple yet meaningful story and let the beautiful illustrations be the star of the book The book begins with a hermit crab who is growing up and has become too big for his current home his shell Luckily, he easily finds a new shell to live in, but he has decided that this new shell is much too simple for his liking and sets out to decorate his new home On his journey, he meets many other sea creatures, such as sea anemones, sea stars, and coral, and asks them to help him decorate his new house The hermit crab is smart though, and learns that if he is kind to the sea creatures he meets he will make a friend for life that will be happy to help him At the end of the story, a year has gone by and the hermit crab has again outgrown his current home Although reluctant to leave, he ends up giving his current shell to a smaller crab for whom this old shell is a perfect size The crab then goes out to find his next home and is excited by the idea of decorating a new place This is a perfect book to share with a class of students of any age at the beginning or end of the school year At the beginning of the year, the message to students would be that when you treat each other with respect and are kind to each other, you will easily make and keep life long friends, just as the hermit crab did Through out the school year, this could be a familiar text both teacher and students continually refer to if the need arises for how to treat each other the way you want to be treated At the end of the year, the message of the book could be adapted to help explain to students that after a year together, they have outgrown the current home and are ready to move on to their next step The book is both imaginative and full of meaningful messages A perfect addition to any classroom library.

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    A HOUSE FOR HERMIT CRAB is a charming story about the habits of a hermit crab, with a subtheme the breaking away from the old and venturing out into the new.When Hermit Crab outgrows his old shell, he has to find a bigger place in which to dwell His new home is old and very plain But, bit by bit, anemone and starfish and crusty coral come along to adorn it snail keep it clean, sea urchin prickly and fierce love to protect it and lanternfish light it up Hermit is a happy crab Until his cozy quarters become too cramped and again, coming full circle, he has to let go of the shell along with the comfort of the sweet and familiar I couldn t stay in that little shell forever, said Hermit Crab as he waved goodbye.The ocean floor looked wider than he had remembered, but Hermit Crab wasn t afraid. Sponges he thought Barnacles Clown fish Sand dollars Electric Eels Oh, there are so many possibilities So many possibilities the important message about accepting the cycle of change with an open mind, a message made simple and gentle as only Eric Carle can I learned a lot about hermit crabs too stuff I didn t know I d actually never heard of a hermit crab until reading the book and the illustrations are attractive and easy to follow.

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