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10 thoughts on “ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン 2 (Violet Evergarden, #2)

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    But really, how could they change the story in the anime so much... Not to even mention characters they forgot about, but so many changes in the relationship between two main figures, even with their living status... wrrr
    Overall, this is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read. If there's ever a follow up or some additional chapter I think I would even go through it with my not-so-good Japanese, just to quickly grasp what is going on. :D
    (view spoiler)

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    This one took about half a day longer to get through than prequel, but overall it’s an interesting conclusion to the duology.


    I think after reading this novel, I got a better grasp at what they’re aiming to do with that start in the anime, but once again I’m not here to compare between them. One of the things I will continue to be really glad about in this series is the background information Akatsuki Kana keeps on giving me whenever she takes me to a new location in her world, best thing about it this time? One of the locations I visit this time around has an aspect that been continuously mentioned whenever politics comes to play in this series and now I have a bigger form of understanding of a form of that aspect. I’m being incredibly vague here but I’m bound by the no spoilers rule.

    Another interesting thing here is that the stories this time around weren’t just told by one time characters we’re most likely never going to see again, but it was concerning event we haven’t seen in the novel just yet by characters we’re already familiar with. Moreover, one of the chapters in the book gave me a whole vintage point to an event we’ve seen very briefly before but gotten an extended look into it this time around. These missing moments if you well were interesting because of the deeper looks into their personality it gave me and more importantly that other vintage point added more depth to different characters.

    That being said, I believe that the way the chapters were ordered in this book is probably its weakest point. The concept of a “Light Novel” is that it has less words than what you’d typically find in a novel and it has fewer lengthier chapters to tell the tale. This one is obviously no different but again, the order didn’t work that well for me. A big somewhat obvious thing was confirmed in the beginning, but instead of continuing on discovering the consequences of that thing, we go back to Violet’s adventure before we’re finally back on that note the beginning left me with to finish off the book. This is a hassle to me, a simple reordering of the chapters would’ve been much much better.

    Other than that small complaint, the book continues exploring the different forms of love. There is one here that was somewhat similar to chapter 2 of the first novel which is still my favourite of the bunch in the standalone chapters but Akatsuki Kana brings it in a different light that still makes it its own entity and not just a cheap ripoff of her earlier work.

    The way this novel ends is basically an open end but it has enough going for it that you can somewhat see where it’ll end up in a little while which makes me somewhat disappointed that there wasn’t an epilogue somewhere in it but overall it was a very nice conclusion to the series. Will definitely keep an eye out on more stories by Akatsuki Kana-sensei and hoping for the best in that regard.

    Final rating: 4/5

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    i will never not rave about violet evergarden. since this is volume 2, i don't want to go into spoilers here. i'll probably have a really long rant-y blog post up about the spoilers and all my feelings will be word vomited there. as if words can explain how much i love this series. also, the netflix adaptation didn't make it this far into the plot (view spoiler)

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    Wow KyoAni really did crap with the original content

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    Violet Evergarden will always be a special and beautiful story in my heart.

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    Well there goes my heart again...

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    Just like Volume 1, this was awesome, warm and heart-breaking all at the same time.
    The beginning was less strong than the other chapters, but it soon picked up after that. There are more chapters in this book that aren't included (or heavily re-written) in the anime, most notably the one in Utopia, which introduces Lux. It was fun reading about - her and about Garment Spear, of course. It does make one wonder about Violet herself… We'll probably never really know who or what she truly is, but we can have our own ideas, naturally.
    Cattleya is in this one, too! I love Cattleya - not as much as Violet, obviously, but she's definitely my number two! She's slightly different from the anime as well, in the way she acts, but it's clear that she still has a good heart and opens up really quickly, so the (good) basics are still there. What I did notice is that she's a bit less sure of herself, wondering not just about Violet but also about her own life and if she's good enough. The scenes she and Violet have together are probably my favourites in the light novels.
    And, finally, there's of course the ending. Yes, it's good. Yes, I do want to read more.

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    Second part of the narrative, great new characters and much more depth to all the relationships compared to the anime. What I really loved was how much Violet grows into herself in this and all the glimpses we get of Gilbert, his friendship with Claudia, his love/hate dynamic with his brother and the struggle with his feelings towards Violet. Very sweet and totally satisfying reading.

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    My heart... poor heart of mine
    It did a rollercoaster of feelings in this part.

    Violet Evergarden is a story that I’ll keep in a corner of my heart forever.
    The journey i did with her, through hardship, heartache, sorrow, tears, smile, joy and happiness :’)

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    I'm so happy. I wanted to read this novel for character depth and it was not only Violet's character arc was in the book. 💜

    Both the novel and the Netflix series are good. I just need to differentiate Cattleya's character here and in the series. ✊

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