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    so this is a story all bout howkana s life got flipped turned upside downand i d like to take a minute just sitting right thereto tell you the story of how she became the thrall of a vamp airin unknown japanese precinct born and raisedon the track field was where she spent most of her daysrunning and jumping, competing all coolusing her skills to get into high schoolwhen this one guy he was up to no goodset off a fire in her neighbourhood one debilitating injury and the doctor got scaredand said no running until your leg is repaired a truck was crossing the road and when it came nearkana ran out in front, there was a child about to get smeared if anything this action was both heroic and fairand all thought, well that s it, kana s soul s in the airaki rolled up to the roadway in about seven or eightbit her neck and called out that he d see her laterthey looked at each other, they were finally therea thrall forever united with her vamp air cliched yes but wow is the art working for me 3 stars

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    Buddy read with AkiraFirst, I gotta say that this artwork is absolutely gorgeous Even though this manga seemed a bit rushed on the first volume, I really enjoyed it plus I m totally shipping Aki x Kana Plus I also liked Kana s personality I would like to read the rest of this series, hopefully I will soon

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    The positive thing first The artwork is pretty good, the skill of the author is without question.The story however is anything but that After the main story the author stated that this story came about because her boss wanted her to write a vampire story and I think it really shows.I guess if you are new to the genre this might be interesting to you but for me its all been there, done that and bought the t shirt The author basically just threw common tropes and terms into this story and I heard them several times already Sure terms like vampire are common enough, but so is servant in that regard, as well as pureblood and while it took me a while, the word lunatic is not so original either when you consider the context Just like the whole teen girl, pollution by the vampire and sudden dark savior thing At least I found a few laughs but only at first.The vampire boyfriend Aki is your typical mysterious, dark, broody and sociopathic vampire boyfriend you probably saw a million times and he of course has the necessary powers, like hypnosis, and he is basically a creepy stalker and trouble magnet Of course I have no idea what he even wants from the protagonist Kana, who is funny enough in her own right, and for what With the werewolf, Jin, of this story I can kind of understand his obsession with Kana view spoiler , he felt guilty hide spoiler

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    I read the first 3 volumes of this series some years ago now and i m only just getting round to picking it back up again,,,so i m starting with a re read This was actually a lot enjoyable than it was the first time Since last time i ve read it i ve read the author s other worksand I just love her

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    The whole thing about hunting Stigmas is a very good idea So, reading a summary, about a hot vampire whose only food is this Girl Kana, and who is hunting for the 7 Stigmas to dominate the world sounds like a story I will be a huge fan of It is not like that after I finished reading the first volume, but overall I liked it despite the rush in the story everything happens so quickly, and we do not even know what happened in the past, who is this guy, where and when did they meet, etc There are a few gorgeous men, like this vampire Aki who is the typical hot, sexy, strong, cold guy who likes the Girl a lot there is not other girl for him despite all the beautiful girls who swoon over him and who craves for her blood , the Friend who is blond, while Aki is dark haired obviously in a love triangle there has to be a blond and a dark haired, right who is also a demon, and who wants to protect the Girl from everything especially from the Bad Guy, aka, Aki and there is also a hot guy who makes sure rules are followed, aka, the enemy of the Bad Hot Guy.Kana, with the short hair, looks kind of tomboyish I could not help thinking this was like a shounen ai true, I have read very few shounen ai, but this is similar to, let s say, The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 1 I watched the anime only like 4 chapters or Undertaker Riddle, Vol 1 , where there is this hot paranormal young man who likes this normal, kind of childish boy.Lately I am not a true fan of vampires especially vampires who are totally crazy for Mary Sue and who want to drink only Mary Sue s blood , but overall, this manga was nice, and I may read the second volume later on.

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    I like the amazing artwork, the elegantly drawn characters very much and the main girl s personality is refreshing For once we have an active, curious main girl who isn t dreamy and drooling all over the handsome male lead like some stupid fangirl What can I ask for But the rest of the storythe cliches mysterious brooding vampire male lead, a werewolf, I m a vampire I m bad for you I don t want to hurt you , everyone wants the heroineetc, etc are too much for me to handle So to me this series is only 3 stars.

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    This review originally appeared on my blog, Books Without Any Pictures manga is my latest big weakness I want to read all of it So when I saw He s My Only Vampire sitting on the shelf at Barnes Noble, I just had to pick it up and binge read four volumes And trust me, I ll be reading the rest of this series once my budget recovers enough from the rest of my recent manga purchases The artwork is gorgeous, the story is engaging, and I am a little bit obsessed.The basic premise is this a schoolgirl named Kana sees her childhood friend Aki in a crowd, and is startled and thrown off by it she thought he was dead Kana is so thrown off, in fact, that she gets hit by a bus and dies Then she wakes up in Aki s arms Aki is a vampire, and to save Kana, he has made her his thrall.Kana doesn t seem particularly concerned that she s now a vampire s servant She s worried about high school Aki moves into Kana s house and starts going to school with her, because he doesn t want to leave her alone He s also got his own challenges He s a pureblood vampire, and is currently in the middle of a competition to collect seven stigmas If he wins, he has the chance to save his brother Eriya, who has met some mysterious and somewhat dubious fate.

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    As always, Aya Shouoto s art work is beautiful This one is a bit fast paced and darker than The Demon Prince of Momochi House, which I kind of like to be honest a bit sensual feeling than the other series I had compared this to I wonder about Eriya, though I doubt he s going to be as good as Aki

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    4 stars

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    Did I kind of wish this was Vampire Host Yeah I did Did I enjoy this for what it is Yep Fairly standard fare as far as a shoujo vampire manga Kana and Aki are childhood friends, accident in their last estranged them, Kana is than a mere human, Aki is interested in than just blood and bonus twin brother who I ll lay off when he s awakened is not gonna be the sweet fluffy teddy bear they remember.The artwork is pretty and the guys are attractive The humor was ok.I mean overall I liked this, but it didn t wow me.

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