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10 thoughts on “狼と香辛料X

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    We finally get to see where this whole character development is going!

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    Oh boy I wonder if I'll find out what Huskins told Lawrence in the next vol--NOPE IT'S A SHORT STORY VOLUME.

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    Not sure why I didn't enjoy this one as much as the others up to this point. It could be because I just finished Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb, and she writes with a strong sense of immersion and viewpoint, something Japanese light novel authors tend to lack in my experience. Really, though, I've been reading this series for the interactions between Lawrence and Holo almost solely. The economic plot, though sometimes fun, aren't something I'd have ever started reading this series for in particular, and I think the interactions between Lawrence and Holo in this volume were quite good, there just wasn't very many, and so the economic plot took center stage for most of the pages, and I suppose I was a bit bored by that.

    That being said, Holo and Lawrence have a pretty good moment in this book in which their relationship takes on more depth which I liked quite a bit.

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    I had a rough time getting into this book, but I don't know why.
    Maybe it was the fact that the story is so slow going and round about, or maybe it is the general feel of the series.

    I do like the writing style - although there were a lot of mistakes in this book. Like there was a new translator that didn't know the language quite as well, but I don't think there was (Can't be bothered to check right now). I find it easy to read and mostly with a good flow, even if it so often talk about things that can bee seen as heavy - like economy and politics in a made up world.

    It may be the story, as said, as I feel there isn't much other than trading happening, one way or another, and I will admit that the reason I started reading this series in the first place was Holo. I want her to have more screen time!
    So yeah, that may be it as well. This trend I've seen in the last few books of Holo staying behind and Lawrence and Col to go around doing the stuff needs doing.

    So yeah. Not the best book in this series, but I am looking forward to reading the next one, if only because it is a collection of shorts and that makes it an easy read if I've ever seen one!

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    Probably one of the best entries in the series so far. We get a bit of Holo's true feelings about her homeland. Lawrence is Lawrence, but he is showing some growth. I did feel the conclusion was a bit rushed to keep it under 300 pages.
    The merchant challenge this time involves the Church, a Merchant Alliance and the King... as usual, Lawrence is considerably out of his depths.
    The shepherd Huskins is a really great secondary character and his story is really interesting and unexpected.
    The ending has a massive hint at something big coming up in next volumes. Not really a cliff hanger, more like a game changer that the reader doesn't get told what it is.

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    One of the best volumes in the series. Kept my attention throughout.

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    Isuna Hasekura never fails to reignite and fuel my inner flame of buying low and selling high.

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    In Summary

    The economics aspect has been lacking in this series’ last few volumes, but it returns with our trio’s journey to Winfiel, a kingdom whose trade policies have caused the value of its currency to plummet. Add in a medieval-type conglomerate, a couple of uncharacteristically vulnerable moments on the part of both Holo and Lawrence, and an encounter with a supernatural sheep, and we have a truly engaging installment of Spice and Wolf.

    The Review

    Lawrence and Holo have made some detours on their journey to Yoitsu, but now they head entirely in the opposite direction, leaving the mainland to journey west across the sea to Winfiel. However, they’ve reason enough to go so far out of their way; according to Eve, the wolf bones they’ve heard rumors of are at the island kingdom’s great Abbey of Brondel. They go hoping to forge a way into the abbey using letters from Eve and Kieman. What they find is a stalemate between the local church authorities and the Ruvik Alliance, an economic force so powerful it makes the players in Kerube look like gnats.

    Although the Rubik Alliance is larger than anything yet encountered in the series (with the exception of the Church), the source of tension is much easier to understand than the Kerube crisis. The root of the problem is a national trade imbalance. Simply put, the kingdom of Winfiel has been importing more than it is exporting, and Hasekura-sensei injects a bit of the economic bent that has been lacking from the series as of late. But after a brief lesson on the effects of a devalued currency, we launch into the consequences: a religious institution on the brink of financial ruin and a foreign conglomerate itching to gobble up the assets. Unlike the crises in Kerube and Lenos, this is a dilemma that truly has nothing to do with Holo and Lawrence, one they can easily walk away from. The only reason they get involved has nothing to do with money and everything to do with sentiment.

    It’s been a while since Lawrence and Holo encountered another creature akin to Holo. What makes the great sheep of Brondel really interesting is that he is senior to Holo. Generally speaking, Holo’s the oldest and wisest person around, thus she always gets the last word. So it’s fun to see someone talking down to her. In addition, he is in a sense a glimpse into Holo’s future. While she is unsure whether her homeland still exists, the sheep lost his home centuries ago to the Moon-Hunting Bear and has had to create a new home and means of survival. It hasn’t been an easy path, and readers will hardly blame Holo for losing control when she learns how the sheep’s altered his diet.

    The great sheep also calls out Lawrence and Holo’s relationship for what it is, which is nice because Holo is always so quick to belittle her traveling companion. Lawrence, for his part, is unusually candid about his feelings in this volume. Once it’s because of alcohol, and the second time is because conversing with the much younger Col forces him to be more direct with his speech than he normally is. In any case, these scenes are likely to delight Holo/Lawrence fans.

    Sadly, there’s one moment between our odd couple that Hasekura-sensei makes as maddeningly vague as Lawrence’s parting scene with Eve in the previous volume. Perhaps he is leaving those details up to his readers’ imagination, but there are several other scenes, such as Lawrence’s conversation with Piasky, where dialogue tags and descriptions are sorely lacking. It’s unclear whether that failing is inherent in the original text or a translation shortcoming, but I also caught a number of typos including a misspelling of Lag Piasky’s name in an illustration caption.

    This light novel includes the title page, three two-page spreads, and the table of contents printed in color as well as eight black-and-white illustrations, and a world map.

    For more manga and book reviews, drop by my blog Keeping It In Canon!

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    Lawrence, Col, and Holo travel via sea to find the wolf bones, only to find themselves in another situation that could lead to trouble. But they also feel obligated to help. Good book.

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    Spice and wolf is personally one of my favorite animes. Since I have watched the whole anime, I decided to read the novel. I started with this book since the first book wasn't available. But, I thought I would get the story well. Well, I was wrong. There is a new character I never saw before. Col is such a sweet character that seems to play very well with Lawrence and Holo. Overall, I enjoyed reading this in a new aspect. I recognized some parts of this story but it was fairly new to me. Its a charming, suspenseful novel. Being a merchant had a lot of stress to it. I thought this book was quite cute and had advances with Lawrence and has partners. I didn't dislike anything from reading this novel. Sometimes it could be plain but it can't always be exciting. Its a laid back book and can be considered as a romantic book at times. At least that's how I consider it.

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