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10 thoughts on “சில நேரங்களில் சில மனிதர்கள்

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    , , curiosity curiosity 1972 Rape is a sensitive subject rapist victim stockholm syndrome , , , punch dialog , climax , naive .

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    , , , , Live a Life with detachment Different Shades of human mind and character I have seen in my life many circumstances that these characters face Those who haven t faced any hardship in life will discard this book as being utterly ridiculous.

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    This book is damn deep So much to look into and learn from A must read book by everyone.

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    Great book.The epilogue of this book was shattering, of course, but right from the start, this was a literary phenomenon Tamils should be proud about Jayakanthan has expressed his gall in questioning the principles men have constructed around them in the name of the society and how lives of people yearning for independence from those trifles dissolve into oblivion Forty years have passed since this book was written but people have not changed much yet from the characters JK envisioned in this work, in my opinion This very fact vaporized the huge span between the times when this book was written and when I read it.My suggestion for any reader of this book would be to enjoy it and stop not with that but to try to shed off the prejudice we associate with the Gangas of the world.

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    i like that character GANGA,,this noval is a one the milestone in tamil novalist history.great honor to Mr.Jayakanthan sir.

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    Masterpiece novel by Jayakanthan A wonderful portrayal of Ganga s innocence character, her life and relationship with prabu Unexpected epilogue and disturbing Must read for tamil lovers

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    Extreme lady

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    Deserves so MUCH than random impressions hastily jotted down, but for now, this will have to do Jayakanthan, yet again, questioning societal norms Way before its time A supremely disturbing conclusion, will haunt me for quite some time Characters etched out with all their flaws the mother, brother, mama. grey, everywhere the theme of self destruction running through the story overt, in Prabhu s case, too deeply ingrained, in Ganga s caseMore, hopefully later, preferably after a second read

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